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last updated 27-Mar-2016
  This space has been suggested by some of our visitors looking for companies offering adventure, thrills and specialized training. Come back soon to check for more adventures!  

African Safaris. We have affiliated offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania and we work closely with safari operators in Namibia and Uganda:

Conservation Corporation Africa. CC Africa is dedicated to the principles of Care of the land, Care of the wildlife, Care of the people, which encapsulate the vision we have for Africa. We operate exhilarating luxury safaris including Walking Safaris and CC Africa Expeditions - Africa Under Canvas mobile safaris - and a unique range of Specialist Safaris:

Datatech Security Research. Security and Law Enforcement Training and Consulting in Canada:

Golf 'n Game. You will enjoy luxury golfing and safari experiences, whilst being pampered in idyllic African settings:

Journeys by Design. Ranging from the highlands of Ethiopia, through the Great Riftt Valley of East Africa, and opening out onto the plains of South Africa, these habitats are under threat; and the fact they have survived the unprecedented rise in levels of population, and are indeed now flourishing, is partly due, we believe, to the kind of responsible tourism Journeys by Design has, does, and will continue to promote:

Hart's Military Fitness Training. Are you tired of getting no results? Looking for an exciting program? When you think of the best athletes in the world, who do you think of? Well, I can tell you. It is our Military Athletes:

Karell African Dream Vacations. Whether you're looking to plan a family vacation or simply looking for great vacation deals, we can help you see the wonders of this part of the world:

Specops. Our success is built upon the excellence of our personnel. Our Staff & Associates are drawn from the ranks of highly-seasoned and experienced Special Operations veterans:

> Media Support > Adventure Programs > Training Services (Special Forces Remote First Aid > Special Operations Survival Training)

Spy Games. We have taken the best action and adventure from the world of secret agents, and designed a range of events and activities that allow anyone to experience for themselves. From individuals to large corporate groups, we are the only specialist provider of spy events and experiences because no one else has the activities, equipment and expertise that we have:

Tony Scotti Associates. TSA has developed testing and evaluation programs for specialized vehicles, conducted evaluation programs for driver training, and created business development programs for various security companies. TSA consulted with Mercedes Benz for the introduction of the Mercedes Guard Car (Armored Mercedes). Duties included conducting product demonstrations programs as well as conducting testing and evaluation:

- Vehicle Dynamics Institute:

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve. Ulusaba is Sir Richard Branson's safari lodge located in the Western sector of the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. Guests can taste the spoils of Africa in peace and tranquility providing the perfect place for all age groups and for any occasion to experience a safari. Please note this is an option for folks with means:

Virgin Galactic. Become a private astrounat and and join over 500 Virgin Galactic astronauts who will venture into space:

XCOR. Aerospace. XCOR is a small, privately-held California C Corporation founded in 1999 is focused on the research, development, project management and production of safe, reliable, reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), rocket engines and rocket propulsion systems. The company is the path to the dream of spaceflight for its founders who recognize that the only way for them to get to space is to make it affordable for private citizens:


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