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Since the end of the Cold War, Private Military Companies (PMCs), Private Security Companies (PSCs), and contractors in related business sectors play a growing role in state defense, homeland security, and humanitarian reconstruction. These sea, air and land private forces have also been engaged in raising and maintaining levels of security in unstable but economically important areas of the world. Ongoing global instability since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 fosters also a demand for private military and security services in areas of counterterrorism and strategic law enforcement. Into the 21st century, PMCs and PSCs further play critical roles in the fight against drug trafficking organizations and cyber-crime. Conflict has thus been redefined as a struggle between public-private 'security partnerships' and adverse private forces.(*) By consolidating an expert sample of hyperlinks focusing on all these global security issues and actors, since 1999 PrivateMilitary.org® has been a key source of information for those participating in the privatization of security debate. Please browse our directories, contribute to them, and spread the word so that PrivateMilitary.org can continue operating as a free resource !
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compañías militares privadas compagnies militaires privées
private sicherheit firmen compañías de seguridad privadas sociétés de valeurs mobilières privées
private militärische firmen aziende militari riservate aziende di sicurezza riservate
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particuliere militaire bedrijven particuliere beveiligingsbedrijven частных охранных фирм
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