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last updated 15-Aug-2020

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Image: Private Military and Security Resources
Years ago we started listings conferences and events covering private military and security issues and industry. We created this section to cover past and present events. Explore our archive, as many interesting conferences are yearly events. More >>
2016-2018 | 2013-2015 | 2010-2012
Security sites
A selection of projects and organizations focusing on military, security, and intelligence issues, as well as military history. More >>
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We want you to share with you the details of some interesting initiatives focusing on humanitarian projects in need of your active support and donations. More >>
Charity | Appeals | Philanthropy

Military Ecology @WordPress:

Looking for some adrenaline rush away form the battlefield or perhaps something to celebrate a special birthday? Find here a selection of companies offering adventure, thrills and specialized training. More >>
Discover and explore!
Notice board
— Hash-tag anything related to our Private Military universe using:
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— is a Wikipidedia free environment.

— We are currently populating the Adverse Private Forces sections!

— Very soon we will offer you access to the ISOA publications catalogue!

2016: celebrates its 17th anniversary !

Recent additions

Apologies, as the real addition is an admission that this section is in serious need of an update. Please remember that we operate with no budget but a huge desire to bring to you resources for free. In this light, we are currently concentrating in completing our Adverse forces section. Be patient, and in the future you will find that this segment turns into an exciting window into adventure, charity, and events!

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Maps & satellite From other sections:
Resources focusing on cartography, maps, and satellite imagery. We will soon update listings and add apps to the section. More >>
Companies: Hardware / Software
Companies: Gear
Publications: ISOA archive
PAFs: Terrorism index
Recruitment: Guidance notes QR code
Military terms
A selection of resources focusing on those elusive military terms and acronyms
Forums >> Tacticometral >>
Language tools
In the era of instant online translation, you may still find some of the listings useful.

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