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Terrorist Organizations & Terrorism
Insurgents, Rebels & Civilian Uprising
Pirates & Maritime Piracy
Mafias & Organized Crime
Cartels & Drug Trafficking
Cyber Crime & Warfare
Coup d'état
Global Security Issues
last updated 15-Aug-2020
Adverse Private Forces

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Image: Private Security vs Adverse Private Forces
News articles, special reports, and legal documents related to international terrorist organizations and acts of terrorism. We primarily focus on active or recently active terrorist groups. The emphasis is on items that highlight unfolding trends. For ease of use, the sections are organized geographically and by group name.. More >>
Africa | Middle East | Asia | Europe | North America | Latin America | Al-Qaeda
Master index: Terrorism >>
News articles and special reports related to insurgent, rebel and anarchist groups, as well as insurgency, rebellion and civilian uprising. We primarily focus on post-9/11. The emphasis is on items that establish key actors and outline ongoing instability trends, what we believe will be a constant during the 21st century. More >>
North Africa | Sub-Saharan Africa | Middle East | Central Asia | Indian Subcontinent | China | South-East Asia | Pacific Region | Latin America | Caribbean | North America | | Europe
Master indexes: Maritime Piracy | Drug Trafficking | Coup d'état
Drug trafficking
News articles and special reports related to drug trafficking and drug trafficking organizations or cartels. The field is vast and thus we primarily focus on items that outline unfolding 21st century trends. The sections have been organized geographically, giving due attention to critical suppliers and transit hubs as well as the main consuming regions. More >>
Africa | Asia | Afghanistan | Europe | North America | Mexico | Colombia | Andean countries | Caribbean
Organized crime
News articles and special reports focusing on mafia organizations and organized crime. As crime flourishes in areas where conflict become rife, we emphasize in this section items that highlight the issue. More >>
Africa | Asia | Russia | Europe | North America | Latin America
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2016: celebrates its 17th anniversary !

Recent additions

Our APFs directories are highly condensed, illustrating unfolding trends, and hence offering a crash course on the ills of the world in the 21st Century.

Given the noticeable rise in the number and magnitude of attacks, our Terrorism section is the one most up to date.

It has proven difficult to find open source and free material covering maritime piracy and crime other than major incidents -we want to highlight those small scale though trend-setting piracy attacks!

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Global security issues From other sections:
News articles, special reports, and research documents related to what we deem are critical global security issues. More >>
Food security | Climate change | Conflict minerals | Arctic exploitation | Nuclear Iran | Nuclear North Korea | Chemical warfare | Child soldiers | Cyber warfare
Companies: Mine clearance
Companies: Civilian security
Publications: Private Military History
Organizations: UN Missions
Resources: Maps & Satellite QR code
Cyber crime
Reports about large-scale hacking, industrial espionage, (corporate and personal) identity theft, and denial of service attacks.
Maritime piracy
Piracy attacks, maritime crimes, and crimes on waters. We primarily focus on post-2005 events,
Military coups >> South China Sea conflict >>

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