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last updated 27-Mar-2016

News articles and special reports related to mafias and organized crime in Europe. We cover mafia organizations as well as patterns of criminality such as racketeering, prostitution and human trafficking, contract killings, mass scams, and money laundering. We have a geographical focus and deal with mafias in Albanian, Kosovo, and the wider Balkans, as well as particular groups such as the best known Italian mafias: the Sicilian Mafia or the Cosa Nostra , the Neapolitan mafia or the Camorra, the Calabrian Mafia or the 'Ndrangheta, and the Puglian Mafia or the Sacra Corona Unita.




Mafia man wins court battle stopping extradition to Italy. Domenico Rancadore, known as The Professor, was arrested after evading Italian authorities for 20 years over his alleged Cosa Nostra connections. By Catherine Wylie, Independent (Ireland), March 17, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE of Rancadore

Italian Mafia Boss Domenico Rancadore AKA Marc Skinner: Profile and Pictures. By Lianna Brinded, March 17, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Deepening mystery of the Irish tycoon’s eight months ‘in the hands of kidnappers.’ Kevin McGeever was known to Interpol, the FBI and police forces. By David McKittrick, The Independent, February 10, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE of McGeever


Two-year-old boy killed in apparent mafia hit in Italy. Cosimo Orlando, 43, who spent 13 years in jail for the murder of two drug traffickers, his partner and her young son were forced off the road by gunmen who then fired through the windscreen. The Guardian, March 18, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Mafia probe claims political victim. Roberto Formigoni’s position became untenable after Domenico Zambetti, his deputy in charge of public housing, was arrested last week on accusations of paying local mafia bosses. By Guy Dinmore, The Financial Times, October 15, 2012: TEXT




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