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last updated 15-Aug-2020

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Image: Private Military Publications

An essential Private Military bibliography: Covering tittles widely cited in the literature and classics on the subject, reading the selection of books listed would certainly offer you the opportunity to gain expertise on the challenging and polarizing private military field. For a broader selection of topics please browse our thematic Amazon shop: More >>

2011-18 | 2008-10 | Collections | Memoirs | Top 10 More >>
The privatization of security debate: from Africa in the 1990s to recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, find here a broad range of journal articles and papers discussing the pros and cons regarding the use of PMCs and PSCs in arenas of conflict. More >>
2010-15 | 2007-09 | Regulation | More >>

Spotlight on private security issues: We have been indexing news media articles since 1999. This news library thus offers you a window into the many facets and protagonists of the private military debate since the topic was in its embryonic stage of formation. More >>

2011-16 | 1999-2010 | | Themes
Special news archives:
Iraq war - 10 Years G4S - Olympics Security fiasco
EADS-BAE: Universal Soldier EADS-BAE failed merger Osama bin laden killed 9/11 - 10 Years
Regulation of PMCs and PSCs: Find here all the legal documents, official reports, and international protocols sanctioning the international offering of private military and security services. More >>
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— We are currently populating the Adverse Private Forces sections!

— Very soon we will offer you access to the ISOA publications catalogue!

2016: celebrates its 17th anniversary !

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— We are now also covering critical global security issues: Chemical Warfare, Child Soldiers, Climate Change, Conflict Minerals, Cyber-Crime, Cyber-Warfare, Drug Trafficking, Exploitation of the Arctic Region, Food Security, and the South China Sea Conflict,

— Soon we will be completing the upload of the whole catalogue of ISOA publications.

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Industry opinion From other sections:
You might have already made up your mind regarding whether the private military alternative is a good idea or not, cost effective or a waste of public money, or ethically right or wrong. Yet, listening to what industry representatives say is always relevant for the understanding of security in the 21st century. More >>
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