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last updated 18-Aug-2020

Digital media items focusing on security contractors started to proliferate in 2006. However, intense competition between media outlets to position themselves in the market has resulted in exclusivity of formats, limited availability, and poor search interfaces. In this light, in this section you find a sample of items available for free on the internet.


Afghan war: the home movie. Revealed: troops’ own footage, some taken on mobile phones, of fighting the Taliban (once you open the link, scroll to bottom of page for links to video). The Sunday Times, 17 December 2006: click here

Former US Contractor Says He Abused Drugs to Cope in Afghanistan. Kevin Carlson, a former Special Forces soldier, worked as a team medic in Kabul for Jorge Scientific, a major U.S. defense contractor.

'Armoured fist' smashes into Basra at dawn, capturing five terrorist leaders. The Telegraph, 10 December 2006. Visit the links for pictures and video of the op: click here

Defense Coalitions and the Global Character of the New Defense Industry. A one-day conference hosted by the Hudson Institute. Washington D.C., 6 December 2006. Official live webcast: click here

G4S 'warned' over killer security guard Danny Fitzsimons. Security firm G4S was sent warnings not to employ an armed guard in Iraq just days before he murdered two colleagues, a BBC investigation has found. By Samantha Poling, BBC News, October 1, 2012: click here

IFILM - War Zone:

Jay Garner. Stephen Sackur talks to Jay Garner, Director of the Office for Reconstruction and Development in Iraq, 2003. BBC, HARDtalk, 20 March 2007:

Peru's war zone workers. BBC, Newsnight, 6 August 2007: click here

Reporting on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Media Center Panel, The Museum of Television & Radio, New York, 16 April 2007: /wmedia/motr/mediacenter/b _90802.wvx

Ten Top Homeland Security Contractors In Pictures., 3 August 2006: click here

Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Defense Contractors. Cellphone video recorded at an operations center of U.S. defense contractor Jorge Scientific in Kabul, Afghanistan appears to show personnel drunk or high on narcotics. By Cindy Galli, Rhonda Schwartz, and Brian Ross, ABC News, October 22, 2012: click here

Profiles of some of the firms featured in these video clips can be found at the PSCs & PMCs pages


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