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last updated 08-Sep-2021
  A sample of articles published by mainstream magazines, newsletters, and online publications focusing on contemporary warfare and security privatization issues. Private Military or Security Companies figure in most of them. Section in need of serious update, our apologies.  
Update soon!



Africa Confidential

Chronology of Sierra Leone. How diamonds fuelled the conflict. March 1995 : Strasser then invited in the South African private security force, Executive Outcomes: TEXT

For information on other conflict and post-conflict arenas where the UN has been deployed visit the IOs page



Bloomberg Businessweek

Security contractor USIS hacking breach not detected for months (AP news) compromised the private records of at least 25,000 employees at the Homeland Security DepartmenBy Stephen Braun, November 3, 2014: TEXT

US agencies struggle vs. cyberattacks (AP news). A $10 billion-a-year effort to protect sensitive government data, from military secrets to Social Security numbers, is struggling to keep pace with an increasing number of cyberattacks. By Martha Mendoza, November 10, 2014: TEXT

The U.S. Government Wants 6,000 New 'Cyberwarriors' by 2016. As of January, CyberCorps, or Scholarship for Service, had produced 1,554 graduates, with 463 more currently in school. By Dune Lawrence April 15, 2014: TEXT

More information about CyberCorps at the SPECIALIZED RECRUITMENT page

Republican Security Advisers Tied to $40 Billion in Contracts. By Roxana Tiron, December 23, 2011: click here

The Other U.S. Military. The private contractor biz is hot, vast, and largely unregulated. Is it out of control? May 31, 2004 (please read the clarification in the article): click here

Outsourcing War. An inside look at Brown & Root, the kingpin of America's new military-industrial complex. September 15, 2003: click here

A Talk with Halliburton's Generals. CEO David Lesar and Robert Harl, CEO of the KBR unit, on the risks and rewards of their military adventures -- and on Dick Cheney's role. September 15, 2003: click here


BBC Focus on Africa Magazine [Focus On Africa Magazine was discontinued by the BBC in 2012, but you can access the archived historical material]:



Former Pentagon Generals in Afghan War Make Top Dollar Advising Military Contractors. Many of the military generals who directed the war in Afghanistan over the last two decades have taken up lucrative jobs as members of the boards of directors of major military contractors that take in billions of dollars in contracts from the Pentagon every year. By Pratap Chatterjee, August 24, 2021: TEXT

Afghanistan Spy Contract Goes Sour for Pentagon. A top Pentagon official ran a covert network of contractors that supplied the U.S. government surveillance information for drone strikes and assassinations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a complaint filed by the CIA and revealed by NYT. By Pratap Chatterjee, 16 March 16, 2010: TEXT

A U.S. Fortress Rises in Baghdad: Asian Workers Trafficked to Build World's Largest Embassy. And it was all happening smack in the middle of the US-controlled Green Zone -- right under the nose of the State Department that had quietly awarded the controversial embassy contract in July 2005. By David Phinney, 17 October 2006: TEXT | CARTOON

Afghanistan, Inc.: A CorpWatch Investigative Report. Massive open-ended contracts have been granted without competitive bidding or with limited competition to many of the same politically connected corporations which are doing similar work in Iraq October 6, 2006: TEXT | PDF

Outsourcing Intelligence in Iraq: A CorpWatch Report on L-3/Titan, Originally published on August 9. 2006, updated in December 2008 with Recommendations from Amnesty International. By Pratap Chatterjee, December 9, 2008: TEXT | PDF


CovertAction Quarterly [The magazine ceased to exist in 2005. Listings preserved for research purposes]

The Globalization of War and Poverty. Issue 68, Fall/Winter 1999. Includes the articles MPRI: Washington’s New Private Army and Backing up Globalization With Military Might: | |

Mercenary Armies and Mineral Wealth. Like their colleagues in PNG, these men were not your average businessmen or tourists. All were former members of the Special Air Services (SAS), an elite British fighting force. Several had participated in covert assassination operations against the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the 1980s. By Pratap Chatterjee. Covert Action Quarterly, Fall 1997: (reprint)




Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow", says humanitarian-aid expert. Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, one of the world's leading authorities on humanitarian aid (+ interview). November 23, 2015: TEXT | PICTURES | SOCIAL MEDIA


Drillbits & Tailing [The magazine is no longer available. Listing preserved for research purposes]

Sierra Leone Titanium Mine and Mercenaries. In April 1995 Sierra Rutile teamed up with a British company named Branch Energy, which is now controlled by Diamond Works, to bring in a South African mercenary outfit called Executive Outcomes to the country with the blessing of Valentine Strasser, the military ruler of Sierra Leone. Released on August 21, 1997: TEXT (reprint)


Durham Independent

Soldiers of good fortune. Suncontracting the war on terror. They fly helicopters, guard military bases and provide reconnaissance. They're private military companies--and they're replacing U.S. soldiers in the war on terrorism. By Barry Yeoman, July 23, 2003: TEXT

Some of the firms in question are found in the PMCs and CORPORATIONS pages



The Economist

Immigrants in America's armed forces. The green-card brigade. How to become an American, via Iraq, 1 February 2007: click here

Blood and treasure. After the windfall of Iraq, where is the next fortune to be found?, 2 November 2006:

Mercenaries. The Baghdad boom, 25 March 2004:

The fog and dogs of war, 18 March 2004:




Inside Erik Prince's Return To Power: Trump, Bolton And The Privatization Of War. He spent $250,000 to help get Trump elected; his sister Betsy DeVos now serves as Trump's secretary of education; and when Prince pitched a plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan last year, the White House took him seriously. By Noah Kirsch, April 30, 2018: TEXT | PICTURES

DynCorp Dynamite On New High. By Joshua Lipton, 7 June 2007: click here

Armor Holdings Agrees to $3.37B Takeover by BAE. By AP, 7 May 2007:

Winning The Iraq War. By Brian Wingfield, 8 February 2007: click here

Homeland Security Goes Public. By William Launder, 3 August 2006: click here

Big Time Homeland Security. By Rachel Monahan and Elena Herrero Beaumont, 3 August 2006: click here


Foreign Policy [Foreign Policy is no longer a free-access publication. We have therefore removed all the archived content]

Departure of Private Contractors Was a Turning Point in Afghan Military’s Collapse. For two decades, contractors provided key maintenance and military support. By Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy, August 16, 2021: TEXT | PICTURE

Russia’s Shadowy Mercenaries The Wagner Group Offer Humanitarian Aid to Clean Image. Foreign Policy. July 22, 2020: TEXT | PICTURE

Prime Numbers: Soldiers of Misfortune. U.N. peacekeepers are the fastest-growing military force on the planet, and they carry a world of responsibility on their shoulders. Blue helmets are expected to fix failed states from the ground up. But increasingly, the troops—and the overburdened system that supports them—aren’t up to the task. By Elizabeth Dickinson, May/June 2009: TABLES | FIGURES



Fortunes of War. By John Helyar, 12 July 2004:,15114,662668,00.html

Why War Zones Love Monopolies. David Hecht interviews Macartan Humphreys, 17 May 2004:,15704,638966,00.html

Private-Sector Soldiers. By Jeremy Kahn and Nelson D. Schwartz, 19 April 2004:,15114,612340,00.html

The Pentagon's Private Army. By Nelson D. Schwartz, 3 March 2003:,15114,427948,00.html



G.I. JOBS Magazine [ The magazine reinvented itself and previous content was deleted, and in the process they killed the publication. Links preserved for research purposes ]

Hiring America’s Veterans “It’s not what they’ve already done for their country … it’s what they can do for your company.” By Jack Gordon, December 2006:

Leave No Man Behind. By Marty Levine, May 2005:

G.I. Jobs Top 25 Military Friendly Employers. By Evan Pattak, December 2004:

Planning to join the private military or security industry, visit the RECRUITMENT page


Make Your Career GO with your Security Clearance. By Warren Duffie, October 2003.

Homeland Security Needs YOU! By Mickey McCarter, July 2002.

Military Tech Skills: The Growing Demand. By Mickey McCarter, January 2002:



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