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last updated 19-Apr-2016
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Browse the nascent Kindle bibliography about Private Military/Security Companies. For more information about any of them, please click on the Amazon links via your preferred outlet (U.S., UK, Canada, France, and Germany). For future reference, please bookmark the page. Alternatively, for a broader selection of titles visit our U.S. or UK PrivateMilitary Bookshops.


If you don't own a Kindle reader, remember that you can also read Kindle books in your computer and other portable electronic devices.

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The Markets for Force. Privatization of Security Across World Regions. Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn (eds), Penn Press, February 2015.

About the book | Table of contents

The Morality of Private War: The Challenge of Private Military and Security Companies. By James Pattison, Oxford University Press, August 5, 2014.

Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies' Impact on Military Effectiveness. By Molly Dunigan, Stanford Security Studies, February 28, 2011.

Essential reading Private Armed Forces and Global Security: A Guide to the Issues. By Carlos Ortiz, Praeger, March 11, 2010. [Kindle Edition]

About the book | Table of contents

Private Security Contractors and New Wars: Risk, Law, and Ethics. By Kateri Carmola, T & F Books, February 8, 2010. [Kindle Edition]

Private Military and Security Companies: Ethics, policies and civil-military relations. By Marina Caparini, T & F Books, November 5, 2009. [Kindle Edition]

Corporations and Counterinsurgency. By William Rosenau, RAND, August 18, 2009. [Kindle Edition]

Master of War. By Suzanne Simons, HarperCollins, June 23, 2009. [Kindle Edition]

Shadow Force: Private Security Contractors in Iraq. By David Isenberg, Praeger, December 30, 2008. [Kindle Edition]

Private Sector, Public Wars: Contractors in Combat - Afghanistan, Iraq, and Future Conflicts (The Changing Face of War). By James Jay Carafano, Praeger, July 30, 2008. [Kindle Edition]


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