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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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Professor Elke Krahmann: The Markets for Force is "a well-conceived and well-researched book, with unique and detailed case studies that will add significantly to the field."


The Markets For Force book cover

The Markets for Force. Privatization of Security Across World Regions

Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn, Editors
Penn Press, February 2015
256 pages
ISBN (cloth):978-0-8122-4686-5
ISBN (e-book):978-0-8122-9143-8
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Foreword — Deborah Avant

Chapter 1. Introduction Ulrich Petersohn and Molly Dunigan

Chapter 2. Diverse Markets for Force in Latin America: From Argentina to Guatemala — Kristina Mani

Chapter 3. The Military Protection Markets in Peru and Ecuador: A Detailed Analysis — Maiah Jaskoski

Chapter 4. The Market for Force in the United Kingdom: The Recasting of the Monopoly of Violence and the Management of Force as a Public-Private Enterprise — Carlos Ortiz

Chapter 5. The Market for Private Force in the Czech Republic —Oldrich Bureš

Chapter 6. Informal but Diverse: The Market for Exported Force from Russia and Ukraine — Olivia Allison

Chapter 7. The Markets for Force in Afghanistan — Jake Sherman

Chapter 8. China's Managed Market for Force — Jennifer Catallo

Chapter 9. The Canadian Market for Force — Christopher Spearin

Chapter 10. The Market for Force in the United States — Scott Fitzsimmons

Chapter 11. The Causes and Consequences of Different Types of Markets for Force — Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn

Appendix: Testing the Relative Explanatory Power of the "Market Types" Argument — Ulrich Petersohn and Molly Dunigan.



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