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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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Professor Deborah Avant: "Though this volume presents convincing evidence of variation in market dynamics across regions and cases, it also tells of increasing interaction between these more local markets and global forces and firms. Following these interactions will be important for understanding how both the global market and associated markets unfold." (Foreword to the volume)


The Markets For Force book cover

The Markets for Force. Privatization of Security Across World Regions

Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn, Editors
Penn Press, February 2015
256 pages
ISBN (cloth):978-0-8122-4686-5
ISBN (e-book):978-0-8122-9143-8
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Olivia ALLISON - She is co-author of the book Understanding and Addressing Suicide Attacks (2007) and has published several journal articles on security and politics in post-Soviet countries,

Dr Oldrich BURES - His research focuses on the areas of conflict resolution and international security and is author of EU Counterterrorism Policy: A Paper Tiger?

Jennifer CATALLO - During her tenure at the University of Toronto working as a lecturer and research associate she focused extensively on security privatization issues.

Dr Molly DUNIGAN - She is a political scientist at the RAND Corporation and author of Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies' Impact on Military Effectiveness.

Dr Scott FITZSIMMONS - He has published widely on mercenaries, private security contractors, and theories of military performance.

Dr Maiah JASKOSKI - Her book Military Politics and Democracy in the Andes analyzed military mission performance and neglect,

Dr Kristina MANI - Her publications include Democratization and Military Transformation in Argentina and Chile: Rethinking Rivalry and has worked as a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme.

Dr. Carlos ORTIZ - His recent publications include Private Armed Forces and Global Security, in which he casts PMCs as a necessary adjunct to state and multilateral forces,

Dr Ulrich PETERSOHN - He teaches international politics at the University of Liverpool and is co-author of Hired Guns: Views About Armed Contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jake SHERMAN - He is the lead author of The Public Cost of Private Security in Afghanistan and was a political affairs officer for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan,

Dr Christopher SPEARIN - His publications and research concerns change in militaries, mercenaries, the privatization of security, piracy, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.





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