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Image: Private Military Organizations
Directory of International Organizations of relevance for the assessment of the private provision of military and security services, as well as their global governance. More >>
IOs | UN system
Security Industry Associations representing the interests of PMCs, PSCs, and contractors working in security and defense-related areas, and involved in the accreditation, education, training, and vetting of its members and selected partners. More >>
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What is peacekeeping? Understand it in practice: Ongoing UN peacekeeping missions >>
International and Regional Maritime Organizations and Professional Associations focusing on maritime and port R&D, training, and accreditations, as well as sea-borne trade issues, the security of commercial and naval vessels, counter-piracy, and seafarer’s safety and welfare. More >>
A - I | J - Z
Non-governmental (NGOs) and Humanitarian Organizations debating the challenges and opportunities inherent in the privatization of security, defense, and peacekeeping. More >>
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Let's discuss private security!
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— Hash-tag anything related to our Private Military universe using:
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— is a Wikipidedia free environment.

— We are currently populating the Adverse Private Forces sections!

— Very soon we will offer you access to the ISOA publications catalogue!

2016: celebrates its 17th anniversary !

Recent additions

— In 2015, we completed an update of the whole Organizations section and incorporated a few educations videos.

— We are now also covering critical global security issues: Chemical Warfare, Child Soldiers, Climate Change, Conflict Minerals, Cyber-Crime, Cyber-Warfare, Drug Trafficking, Exploitation of the Arctic Region, Food Security, and the South China Sea Conflict,

— Ironically, now that the study of the privatization of security is a mainstream topic, there seems to be less university departments specifically focusing on it. We want to identify new university programs focusing on PMCs and update that section of our website.

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Regional From other sections:
Regional Organizations guiding the formulation of security and development policies for their member states in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. More >>
Europe | Africa | Asia | Americas
Companies: Development Finance
Companies: Military Units
Publications: Private Security Regulation
Regulation: Maritime Law
Recruitment: CivPol QR code
Public agencies dealing with private military and security issues.
Research Centers and Think-Tanks focusing on private security.
For a broad selection of books covering the work of IOs and NGOs in areas of private security: visit our Amazon bookshop >>
News agencies >> University depts >>

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