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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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Once upon a time, many university departments and projects joined the Internet revolution and, for a while, focused on the free dissemination of knowledge. This page offers you a sample of such early revolutionary efforts. All good things come to an end. Now the thinking is why to disseminate knowledge for free when we can charge for it. Incidentally, do not be surprised if an old link now redirects you to new projects focusing on China. As at we do not support this new mantra, for the time being we have not figured out as how to further develop this segment. Any ideas are welcome: CONTACT US.
From other sections:-


American Diplomacy. AD is an electronic journal of commentary, analysis, and research on American foreign policy and its practice. It is produced in cooperation with the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (a interdisciplinary consortium of Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University).

Canadian Consortium on Human Security. CCHS is an academic-based network promoting policy-relevant research on human security. Its mission is to facilitate the analysis and the exchange of information relating to human security in Canada and internationally. Its programs and activities work toward enhancing Canadian research capacity on human security-related issues. CCHS is funded through the Glyn Berry Program for Peace and Security of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Center for International Trade and Security. CITS seeks to address international security challenges through policy-relevant research and outreach. Many of the Center's projects focus on security problems and opportunities related to technology trade. The Center recognizes that technology and its trade are important to national prosperity and international development, but that technology trade also poses security risks that must be managed.

Centre for Global Political Economy. CGPE at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom was originally set up with the aim of transcending institutional barriers and to provide a venue and environment where students and researchers can share ideas, develop research and inform themselves of the evolving nature of contemporary Global Political Economy.

Center for Nonproliferation Studies. CNS of the Monterey Institute of International Studies is the world's largest non-governmental organization devoted to combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction. With a full-time staff of more than 50 specialists located in Monterey, Washington DC, and Almaty, the Center's five research programs examine all aspects of nonproliferation, publish online databases, and train graduate students.

Eldis. Eldis, Gateway to Development Information (18,096 online documents and 4,500 organisations, 6,000 email messages), is funded by Sida, NORAD, DFID and SDC, and is one of a family of knowledge services provided by the Institute of Development Studies.

Forschungsstelle Sicherheitsgewerbe. Die Aufgaben der FORSI (Research Center Private Security Services) sind breit gefächert. Neben der Ausrichtung des jährlich stattfindenden Sicherheitsgewerberechtstages und einer Vielzahl von Fachseminaren, werden zahlreiche Publikationen in der eigenen Schriftenreihe "Recht des Sicherheitsgewerbes" herausgegeben. Ferner werden Promotionsstipendien vergeben, die teilweise schon zu einem Abschluß geführt haben. Wie in den letzten beiden Jahren wird die FORSI auch zukünftig konkrete Forschungsprojekte bearbeiten und den mit 1.500 Euro dotierten "FORSI-Wissenschaftspreis" für herausragende Arbeiten ausloben.

Information Warfare Monitor. The Monitor, a joint project between of University of Cambridge and the University of Toronto, is an advanced research project examining how states and non-state actors seek to exploit information and information systems to pursue political objectives through non-political means. The project seeks to examine this emerging dimension of global security on at the levels of operational case studies and consequences for global security. [The project closed in January 2012 but the website and its archive were still available the last time we updated this page]

International Relations and Security Network. The ISN is a one-stop information service in the fields of international relations and security, developed by the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research at the ETH (The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich. Among the services offered are an annotated links library, a limited area search tool (ISN LASE), a selection of resources on current world affairs, and specialized fact databases.

Intute. Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in our database and write high quality descriptions of the resources. The database contains 115000 records. [Following the following the withdrawal of JISC funding in July 2011, the maintenance of the website was discontinued. However, the website and its archive were still available the last time we updated this page]

Joint Services Command and Staff College (UK). Since 1997 the JSCSC has provided command and staff training at junior, advanced and higher levels for the 3 Armed Services of the United Kingdom to a world class standard, replacing the former staff colleges at Greenwich (Joint and Royal Navy), Camberley (Army) and Bracknell (Royal Air Force). Many officers from overseas also come here - there are currently 47 countries represented.

Mass Atrocity Response Operations. The MARO Project, housed at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, will equip the United States, other states, and regional and international actors with the tools to respond effectively to genocide and mass atrocity when directed by national leadership. Among the menu of options—including diplomatic, informational, and economic—it is essential to prepare potential military responses.

National Defense University. NDU, the premier center for joint professional military education, is under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The University is located at Ft. McNair in Washington, DC. NDU’s Joint Forces Staff College is in Norfolk, Va. NDU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Security Sector Management (SSM). Formerly known as Security Sector Reform Online, this a resource by the Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform (GFN-SSR) based at Cranfiled University, has the mision to promote the development and effective management of security sectors for enhanced peace and security.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library. Multilingual website focusing on everything related to Human Rights..


The Coombsweb. The pioneer site for Asia-Pacific research and electronic publishing. An Australian National University site [Listing kept for research purposes. The website is no longer active::]

The Global Site. Gateway to world politics. Editor: Martin Shaw (University of Sussex). Much of this site is concerned with the violence of war and genocide that continues to be central to world politics. 'Global' approaches to politics are often seen as neglecting these unpleasant realities. The global approach developed here is, in contrast, a response to them. It supports the development of a globalist politics, in which common values are developed and global responsibility is extended. It supports the struggles of those, chiefly but not only in the non-Western world, who uphold these values, often in the face of authoritarian or even genocidal state power. [Listing kept for research purposes. The website is no longer active:]

The Globalisation of Private Security. Based at the University of Aberystwyth (UK), the project examines the development and impact of global private security, focusing in particular on the experience of Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and South Africa. [Listing kept for research purposes. The website is no longer active:]

UCLA James S. Coleman African Studies Center. The Center is an integral part of UCLA's International Studies and Overseas Programs (ISOP). The African Studies Center was established in 1959 to further stimulate the growing national interest in the region and to develop outreach, academic, and research programs on Africa. Increased national demand for new language and area skills soon led to its designation as a National Resource Center for African Studies. [Listing kept for research purposes. The website is no longer active:]



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