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The advent of Web 5.0 have irreversibly contributed to an ever growing number of online communities and resources. At the same time, the fast expansion of the market for private military and security services in the 21st century has turned "Private Military Companies" and "Private Security Companies" (PMCs PSCs) into a mainstream discussion topic. Acknowledging the confluence of these two developments, since 2001 has been progressively expanding its online footprint. We are very proud to be able to reach remote communities now in ways unimaginable two decades ago and informing them about the latest developments in the private military and private security fields. Likewise, many more people CONTRIBUTE to and the privatization of security debate.

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Ranging from the mainstream to the highly geeky or specialized, we have a dedicated presence in many social media forums -the best way to reach us. However, we admit that we have not been very active lately and probably what got your attention was an old post. The reason is simple: social media has become so corroded with fake news and conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, this has impaired constructive debate!

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Hash-tag anything related to the universe, PMCs and PSCs, or the private military industry using:#privatemilitary or #privatemilitaryorg

Among other spaces where we blog, read Private-Public > Military Ecology @WordPress:,our historical blog Private Military Ecology at @Blogger:, or our blog digest

Alternatively, you might want to email us via info(at) If we are around and your email was not spam, your email will be reviewed. We want to reach the widest audience possible. Please feel free to submit items in any language, as we endeavor to promote international cooperation and to develop a truly international online library of resources about the privatization of security. Although not everything can be listed, we will consider your requests and suggestions carefully!

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