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This site offers a collection of hyperlinks pointing at numerous organizations and documents related to the private military/security company subject and debate and the broader fields of the privatization of security and the private uses of force.

The links and accompanying descriptions serve an informative and educational purpose and their inclusion do not constitute an endorsement of the accuracy, aims, businesses, ideology, philosophy, services, and/or views, of the remote sites they point at.

This site should be considered a living document, since information is periodically being added, deleted, expanded, or corrected. Corrections and additions are made in ad-hoc basis and without other acknowledgement than the automated last-update notice at the top of each page.

The brief descriptions of the firms, organizations, services, or websites listed here were gathered from the respective sources at the time each listing was incorporated or last updated. Since then, the descriptions might have wholly or partially changed. Whilst every attempt is made to assure the accuracy of the information provided, the webmaster disclaims any responsibility or liability for errors, incomplete information, or changes originating at the source of the information after its inclusion in our directories.

Likewise, the links have been classified to facilitate academic and professional research and do not necessarily reflect the particular category in which each firm, organization, service, or website would choose to classify themselves.

If a firm, organization, service, or website requests to be re-classified or their description changed or updated, the request will be assessed and processed at the earliest convenience. As a free online resource, we are unfortunately unable to monitor activity on a 24/7 basis. For reference and research purposes, if necessary a note will be incorporated in the listing acknowledging the reclassification request as well as requests to be removed from this site.

Again, this site was created to facilitate academic and professional research and we hope you find the information provided useful. In the spirit of the World Wide Web, its founder Tim Berners-Lee has stated that ‘there is no reason to have to ask before making a link to another site'. Nevertheless, as noted above the option to contact us in order to make changes at the earliest convenience is open.



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