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Image: Private Military and Security Recruitment
Guidance Notes
Basic employment requirements of Private Military Companies (PMCs) and Private Security Companies (PSCs), as well as related employers in the defense, homeland security, and reconstruction sectors. More >>
Do not just sign, read the contract and talk to your friends or loved ones!
You could feel proud of yourself if you manage to secure employment or start a career with any of the international security providers we list, as we judge them to be among the world's top companies operating in the security field. More >>
Our International Recruitment pages coover what we judge to be the top-ten employers of this type.
Exploring our directories of Companies and Organizations offer you a wealth of career and job opportunities. Find here a few examples of the sort of opportunities awaiting for you. More >>
the potential is not just about specialization by service sector, but also focusing on particular geographical areas.
Police Missions
With the ability to capitalize on the leadership skills and integrity of many law enforcement professionals, CivPols offer training program to ensure quality performance and ethical conduct in some of the most volatile world environments. More >>
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— is a Wikipidedia free environment.

— We are currently populating the Adverse Private Forces sections!

— Very soon we will offer you access to the ISOA publications catalogue!

2016: celebrates its 17th anniversary !

Recent additions

Last year we updated our list of top ten (International) employers. later in the year we will revisit the list and see who is in and out.

Our Adverse Private Forces sections offer you a broad overview of the enemy you might find yourself fighting!

An excellent way of finding new jobs is by attending conferences or joining professional associations !

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Voluntary From other sections:
  There is a wealth of job opportunities available in the humanitarian and voluntary sector. Please remember that a civilian support role can eventually lead to an interesting private security, private military, or intelligence career. More >>
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A selection of private security and military recruitment agencies.
State Forces
The field is evolving rapidly, though so far private military careers start here, where you cover basic training.

Be generous and always share your experience with others in specialized forums.

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