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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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This is a list / directory of selected Security Industry Associations International. The Associations, Organizations, and Initiatives listed represent the interests of companies offering private security and private military services, as well as service support in areas of defense and homeland security. related areas. They are also involved in diverse activities such as accreditation, education and training of its members, liaising with state authorities, self-regulation, recruitment, research, and vetting.
From other sections:-


International Stability Operations Association (ISOA | Formerly the International Peace Operations Association or IPOA)
ISOA is a global partnership of private sector and nongovernmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide. ISOA works every day to build, serve and represent a network of organizations by providing diverse member services, publications and events. Through communication and engagement, ISOA also builds partnerships across sectors to enhance the effectiveness of stability, peace and development efforts across the globe..
» ISOA Code of Conduct » ISOA Members


International Professional Security Association (IPSA)
Formed in 1958, IPSA is a membership body for individuals and companies working in security and associated roles. The Association operates within the framework of fourteen regions which includes many overseas countries, and membership is available to: Persons wholly employed in the industry; Persons who are preparing to come into the industry (i.e. Police Officers, Members of the Armed Forces, students, etc.); Security Guarding Organisations; Door Supervisors; Businesses engaged in the manufacture or supply of security equipment; Consultant Companies; Training Companies; and Organisations who employ their own security staff.
» IPSA Member Companies » Careers in the Private Security Industry Leaflet: PDF


Joint Security Industry Council (JSIC)
JSIC was formed in 1996 and actively represented the industry prior to and immediately after the passing of the UK Private Industry Act 2001. JSIC described itself as an the independent voice and umbrella organisation for all British associations, businesses, inspectorates and other organisations with an interest in or responsibility for security whenever and wherever a security situation may arise.
— The decision was made on October 29, 2014, to close the organisation down with effect from 31 December 2014.


Ligue Internationale des Sociétés de Surveillance (The Ligue)
The Ligue Internationale des Sociétés de Surveillance was founded in 1934. The registered offices are based in Berne, Switzerland. Over the years it has played a vital role in defining, establishing and maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards of the private security industry as we know it world-wide.
» Code of Conduct and Ethics: PDF » Ligue Members: (No direct link, access via their website)
The Ligue's White Paper on foreign ownership of PSCs restrictions is available via the INDUSTRY DOCUMENTS section


National Association of OEW Contractors (NAOC)
NAOC was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization and the 21 founding members were UXO service companies. NAOC's objective is to act as a unified industry voice representing the issues facing its membership in the rapidly expanding business of military munitions response services. Over the years, our membership has expanded to include companies that provide and perform ancillary services to include geophysical services, detection equipment, analytical laboratories, regulatory support and related environmental/engineering services.
» NAOC Members » NAOC Brochure


New Zealand Security Association (NZSA)
NZSA is the largest industry representative body for the security industry in New Zealand and represents over 85% of the industry by revenue. Its voluntary members include security companies ranging from large multi-nationals to sole traders.
» NZSA Code of Ethics » NZSA Codes of Practice


New Zealand Security Officers Association (NZSOA) [Archival record for research purposes | NZSOA's URL was]
NZSOA worked to ensure that the interests of Security Officers were clearly represented to the New Zealand Government; improve the conditions of employment of Security Officers; improve the level of service the industry provides to the public; comment on law and order issues; and promote safer and healthier working conditions and practices in the security industry.


North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA)
NWAA was formed in 1994 to represent and support the Aerospace Industry across the North West of England. NWAA represents approximately 25% of the UK aerospace industry with over 220 member companies and a combined turnover in excess of £7 Billion.
» NWAA Capability Search


Private Security Company Association of Iraq (PSCAI) [Archival record for research purposes | PSCAI's URL was]
PSCAI was a non-profit organization formed and maintained to discuss and address matters of mutual interest and concern to the industry conducting operations in Iraq. The PSCAI seeks to work closely with the Iraqi Government and foster a relationship of trust and understanding.
» PSCAI was disestablished on December 31, 2011.
Security firms still operating in Iraq can be found in the PMCs and PSCs pages


Professional Services Council (PSC)
Founded in 1972, PSC's mission is to expand the government marketplace for professional and technical services providers, and work aggressively to foster a business climate that enables fair competition, best value for the U.S. government and the taxpayer, and a thriving partnership between the public sector customer and the private sector provider.
» PSC Defense & Intelligence Council (DIC ) > Defense Task Force: The Task Force coordinates PSC’s activities relating to the Army, Navy, Air Force and all other Defense Department services, commands and components where PSC member companies are active.


Security Association of South Africa (SASA)
SASA was formed in 1964 as a representative for all security aspects in South Africa, an advocate for industry and a custodian of professional business practices. SASA ensures industry representatives and businesses are professional institutions who are compliant and abide by the laws that govern the industry.
» SASA Member Directory » SASA Code of Conduct (Acces via Membership Benefits if link doesn't work)


Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG)
SCEG is a Special Interest Group, within ADS, which was formed in January 2011 to define, develop and facilitate robust, internationally recognised professional standards for the UK Private Security Sector operating abroad. SCEG’s partnership with the UK Government is vital and provides a unique construct whereby an industry body has a sustained dialogue with government departments with opportunities to contribute to the debate, shape policies and influence international fora..
» SCEG Members
Link to the ANSI/ASIS PSC Standars available at the REGULATION > UNITED STATES page


Security Industry Alliance (SIA)
SIA  is an Alliance of Security Associations in South Africa. As the united voice for this industry, SIA plays a key role in communicating common interest to our members this includes electronic manufacturers, service providers and distributors across the entire spectrum which includes locksmiths and in house security.


Security Industry Association (SIA)
Formed in 1969, SIA provides its members with a full-service, international trade association promoting growth, expansion, and professionalism within the security industry by providing education, research, technical standards, representation, and defense of our member's interests.
» Member Directory Search » SIA Standards


Skills for Security (Formerly the Security Industry Training Organisation or SITO:
Skills for Security is the UK sector skills body for the private security industry and is a not-for-profit organization. The organization is governed by a non-executive Board whose role is to guide, advise and monitor the work of the executive directors. Its predecessor, SITO, was established in 1990 and was responsible for working with both UK Government departments and industry to establish training and qualification standards for the British security community.
» National Occupational Standards (NOS): A free resource for employers and training providers covering the spectrum of different occupations within the security sector and describe the knowledge and skills required to perform work to the nationally agreed standard for each specialism.


South Africa security industry associations
A safety and security services associations directory maintained by


Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP)
WCoSP, one of the Livery Companies of the City of London, is a charitable organization providing education and health services to members of the security professional community. WCoSP is drawn from the Security Industry in its widest sense and includes leading security professionals from the industrial and retail sectors, serving and retired members of the police and armed services, security consultants, academics, heads of security for corporate businesses, investigators and electronic surveillance companies.
» Register of Chartered Security Professionals: Within the Powers granted in the Royal Charter WCoSP was permitted to create and maintain a Register of Chartered Practitioners in security practices and to establish such conditions of registration as may be desirable. Registrants have to comply with a Code of Conduct, a professional disciplinary code, and also complete continuous professional development each year.



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