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last updated 05-Apr-2016

List / Directory of Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) or PMCs by capabilities (e.g. operating in conflict zones or reconstruction environments), service sector (e.g. military training, protective security) and security solutions (e.g. counter-piracy, logistics, and defense support). Our expert directory covers corporate profiles, capabilities, services offered, locations, and the commercial evolution of PMCs. In the fast expanding private military and private security sectors, there are always areas of overlap, so please also check our PSCs directory.

PMCs: E - I

E.C.A. Program. E.C.A, created in 2007 by M. Ten Cate and R. Kendal, is a privately owned company with the goal of developing the world's first contractor provided Integrated Training support for military services. Initial efforts started in 2004 to purchase real 4th generation training assets. The start of operations in 2010 will mark the advent of the world's first politically and commercially independent training support company that provides an integrated opposition force. [Information retrieved from The Company on 31 August 2010]:

Engility Corporation. Engility was launched in 2012 as an independent company made up of leading businesses within L-3's Government Services segments: including MPRI, Command & Control Systems and Software (C2S2), Global Security & Engineering Solutions (GS&ES), Linguist Operations & Technical Support (LOTS) and Engility Corporation and International Resources Group (IRG)..

> Specialized Technical Consulting > Program & Business Support Services > Engineering Advanced Technology and Supporting Fielded Systems > Information Technology Modernization & Sustainment > Supply Chain Services & Logistics Management > Training & Education

EOD Technology. EODT is an employee owned environmental services firm specializing in Military Munitions Response, security related services, and contaminated property redevelopment. Our commitment to safety and quality is demonstrated in our track record for zero munitions-related accidents or injuries. [Information retrieved from Overview on 30 September 2005]:

> Munitions Response > Security Services > Critical Mission Support > Range Services > IED Awareness Training > More>>

Erinys International. The Erinys Group of Companies offer a wide range of security services which span the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive, turnkey, security solutions in remote and difficult environments. Erinys also specialises in risk management and mitigation, threat assessments and the design and implementation security strategies at the corporate level. Our principal geographical operational footprints are in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. [Information retrieved from About us on 1 April 2010]:

> Erinys Services: click here  > Erinys Markets: click here

Global Strategies Group. Global Strategies Group is one of the world’s leading providers of defence, development and risk management services for clients operating in high-stakes situations – when the problem is complex, when the mission is vital, when time is short and when ingenuity is key. We empower our clients to achieve their toughest goals by strengthening national security, transforming critical environments and enabling opportunities, worldwide.

Key sectors: Defence & Security > Aid & Development > Corporate Risk Management

Golan. Golan ltd fields a cadre of specialists with decades of experience serving the military's elite special operations and counterterrorist units in Israel. [information retrieved from Home on 1 January 2007] :

Groupe EHC. Created in 1999 by former Officers of the French Army, EHC Group is the first and the only French-speaking Company registered in the United States as a Private Security Company. We operate in countries at risk and unstable regions, and have an outstanding experience in the former French Colonies of Africa where French troops serve on overseas duty. [Information retrieved from History on 17 October 2005].

. [English: ]

Groupe GEOS. GEOS is the leading risk management group in continental Europe. We provide a range of security and business intelligence solutions to protect your assets and personnel. [Information retrieved from Home on 20 June 2004]:

> Prevention > Training > Assistance > Crisis Management

Gryphon Group Security Solutions. has been approved by the U.S. General Services Administration to provide training and a broad spectrum of mission specific skill development to military units and federal agencies (GGSS ONLY trains the US military and its federal agencies).[Information retrieved from index and Military on 1 June 2005]:

- Specialized Combat Training: > Phase I Mobile Force Protection > Phase II Mobile Force Protection > Military Non-Lethal Options > Military Surveillance > Military Counter-Ambush & Firearms

Gurkha International Group of Companies. The Gurkha International Group was founded by Officers and Soldiers of the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas to provide employment for Gurkhas with reputable employers worldwide. [Information retrieved from About Us on 1 February 2005]:

> Bodyguarding > Construction > Maritime > Personal Service > Security

International Charter Incorporated of Oregon. "ICI has provided the [US State] Department with a responsive, experienced, flexible organization that is poised to respond immediately to changing requirements under short deadlines and in hardship environments". [Information retrieved from Home on 27 May 2003]:

> Aviation > Training

International Security & Defence Systems. ISDS. is a multinational security company, established in 1982 by highly experienced officers, former operatives of I.S.A. Israeli Security Agency, the MOSSAD and the Defence Forces. [Information retrieved from main page on 17 October 2003]:

> Service capabilities: clcik here

International Peace Operations Association. IPOA is an association of Military Service Provider companies - companies who work or are interested in international peace operations around the world:

IPOA members: click here

Visit the IPOA CORNER and browse IPOA publications

This is a sample list. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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