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last updated 27-Mar-2016
  Forums covering private military, private security, law enforcement, homeland security, and terrorism issues. While some of our visitors have suggested the idea of a forum, we believe that the online communities listed here (and some other of more restricted membership) already offer a good service. Moreover, the rise of social networking has gone hand in hand with the decline of forum communities. This site is owned and operated by freedom-loving Americans who share a common concern for the preservation of our heritage and liberty: is a site dedicated to military news and information on the victories over terror; visit their forum and share your thoughts!:

Black Flag Cafe. Rober Young Pelton's Come Back Alive forum: discussion boards: A site with forums and category's to discuss your military related issues from general discussion to training: Police & Law Enforcement Forums: Connecting the Worlds Leading Security Companies and Individuals:

To learn about the activities of PSCAI and other similar organizations visit the SECURITY INDUSTRY page

Secure Aspects forums. A free website for Close Protection, P.S.D, High Risk, Security, Law Enforcement and Military professionals:

Security Jam. co-organised by a group of leading think-tanks , the Security Jam, held online between February 4th and 9th 2010, was designed to allow several thousand representatives and experts from around the globe take part in an online debate on key issues that govern our safety and development: click here

StrategyPage's Discussion Boards:

SOCNET. The Special Operations Community Network : This web site is dedicated to serve the Close protection, Executive Protection, Security, High Risk P.S.D and Military professional in the UK or from the UK. In today's High Risk world and dangerous waters this is a place where you can kick your feet up and relax before you go out and get another mouth full of dust!:



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