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last updated 12-Aug-2021

Podcasts have experienced a renaissance during the pandemic. Also, a great deal of the content is being made available for free. Accordingly, we want to share with you a selection of podcasts that we are finding educational and/or interesting. With one exception, all the podcasts previous listed here, which focused on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, are no longer available and thus we have removed the listings.



BBC - Selected BBC Podcasts

Africa Today: Africa news and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa. The Africa Today podcast contains the day's top stories from African news - available to download Monday to Friday from 1630 GMT. Episodes available for 30 Days:

Armies for Hire. Since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a staggering boom in the demand for civilian soldiers who carry arms for private companies. Series Producers: Kate Bland and Pat Gilbert (Just Radio). First broadcast May 2007.

Part One: The Dogs of Peace. Many Western companies are pressing for the industry to be tightly regulated and meet a set of international standards. But the brutality associated with guns-for-hire throughout history has not disappeared, with Iraqi politicians and Human Rights groups protesting that some civilian contractors have sometimes, quite literally, got away with murder:

Part Two: The Sharp End. This second programme focuses on the work of private military contractors in Afghanistan. With tasks ranging from the training of Afghan police to protecting missions, Armies for Hire investigates the major issue of accountability, the economic benefits, and the high death toll and human cost to those operating at the sharp end:


Control Risks Podcasts

The Global Insight (fortnightly panel), In Focus (in-depth analysis from network of experts), Asia In Focus (in-depth analysis from APAC team), and Legal and Compliance Insights (business insights into the issues):


International Code of Conduct Association - Podcasts

In ICoCA's podcast series ‘Future Security Trends: Implications for Human Rights', Chris Galvin interviews people from around the world to discuss what the future holds for responsible security that respects human rights and international humanitarian law: GO>>


Into The Grey Zone - Sky News

An invisible enemy is on the rise in a grey zone between war and peace. The weapons of choice include disinformation, intimidation and cyber hacks. It means the front line is everywhere and no one is too unimportant to be a target. Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Deborah Haynes explores this often invisible battlefield, where anything can be - and is - used as a weapon and anyone, anywhere can be a target.. Each week a new episode is available: GO>>


Security Management - Podcasts

Security Management is a publication of ASIS International written primarily for security professionals. There is a monthly podcast covering topical issues: GO>>



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