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last updated 18-Aug-2020

TV programs featuring Private Military Companies and Private Security Companies are relatively a new arrival. As such, for the time being there are not so many of them widely available and/or for free distribution. In this light, besides the items listed here also check our selection of clips at YouTube and LiveLeak (click on the links below).


Aegis close down website. The British security company Aegis today won its High Court battle to close down a website run by one of its former employees. Channel 4 News, 7 April 2006, Watch the news report: click here

• G4S - 2012 Olympics security: The anatomy of a 'shambles.' Cut off from contact, trained but not deployed, and still unsure of working hours: G4S employees tell Channel 4 News of a shambolic recruitment process that has left staff seething. Channel 4 News, July 12, 2012: click here

Baghdad ER. Producer/director Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill capture the humanity, hardships and heroism of the US Military and medical personnel of the 86th Combat Support Hospital, the Army's premier medical facility in Iraq:

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Billions Wasted In Iraq? U.S. Official Says Oversight Was "Nonexistent". (CBS) This story was originally aired on 12 February 2006 together with War Profiteers?, Missing Money In Iraq?, and Some Iraq Intel Ignored?: click here

Blackwater in Action. For as long as the U.S. has been in Iraq and Afghanistan, the name Blackwater has been synonymous with heavily-armed security in the world's worst war zones. Erik Prince, CEO and founder of Blackwater, discusses his company's outlook. CNBC, Airtime: August 14, 2008 | 08 13 00 ET: click here

Blood Diamonds (Diamonds of War). A 56 min documentary by National Geographic, 2003. Watch it now, download the DVD-quality PC File: click here

Colonel Tim Spicer on Private security in Iraq. BBC, Breakfast With Frost, 3 October 2004: click here

Congress Investigates Private Military Contracts in Iraq. The families of four private guards who were ambushed in Fallujah, Iraq, in March 2004 testified before Congress Wednesday that the security company that hired them failed to provide promised protection. PBS, NewsHour, 7 February 2007: click here

France's African war? A special Channel 4 News Report, 25 June 2007: click here

Iraq bodyguard bill soars. A special Report by Channel 4 News, 22 Sep 2006: click here

Iraqi army brutality. Channel 4 News has exclusive access to the brutality meted out by the largely Shi'a Iraqi army in Baghdad, 24 January 2007: click here

Jay Garner. Stephen Sackur talks to Jay Garner, Director of the Office for Reconstruction and Development in Iraq, 2003. BBC, HARDtalk, 20 March 2007: click here

Pulling the South Africans out? South Africans soldiers in the British Army are facing a tough choice: Stay in their jobs and be labelled as 'mercenaries' or quit and go home? Channel 4 News report by John Sparks, 30 March 2007: click here

Pomfret: South Africa mercenary town run down, BBC, Newsnight, 18 November 2006: click here

Private Warriors. Over 120,000 private contractors are preparing the food, fuelling the planes and protecting the pipelines and generals in Iraq. But what are the dangers in bringing in the private sector to prosecute war? Martin Smith travels throughout Kuwait and Iraq to give viewers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at companies like Kellogg, Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, and its civilian army.

- Watch the program online (60 min, Windows Media and Realplayer): click here

- PBS Frontline producer Martin Smith was online Wednesday, June 22, at 11 a.m. ET to discuss his film. Transcrip by the Washington Post: click here

Questions raised over use of private maritime security guards in the Gulf. As merchant ships, operating in the Arabian Sea, increasingly depend on private security firms to protect them from pirates, concerns are being raised about their methods. By Thom Cookes, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Newsline, December 18, 2012: VIDEO (7min 15sec).

Riz Khan interviews Nick Bicanic and Jeremy Scahill. Riz Khan Show, Al Jazeera, 25 April 2007: click here

The Simon Mann Trial in Equatorial Guinea. Simon Mann was sentenced to 34 years in prison for taking part in 2004 coup plot. Exclusive video report, Channel 4 News, 7-17 June 2008: click here

U.S. contractors allegedly drunk in video. CNN's Brian Todd reports on a video that allegedly shows U.S. security contractors drinking, doing drugs in Afghanistan. CNN, October 18, 2012: VIDEO

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