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last updated 18-Aug-2020

In the transition to exclusive web-based communications, in this segement you will find a selection of clips on private military companies and security contracting only available on the internet and/or also broadcast on terrestrial and digital TV.


UK Home Affairs Committee questions G4S on Olympic security. Nick Buckles, Chief Executive of G4S and Ian Horseman-Sewell, Global Events Specialist give oral evidence to the Home Affairs Committee as part of their inquiries into Olympic Security. G4S has a £284m contract with the Government to provide 13,700 security guards for the Olympic Games, but only 4,000 guards trained and ready. July 17, 2012: WEBCAST


The official document regarding House of Commons Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the G$S affairs available at the UK REGULATION page

A Controversial Player in Iraq. Blackwater's aggressive tactics have faced growing criticism from both the U.S. and Iraqi governments. The New York Times, September 2007 (not dated): click here

C-Span: > Defense & Security: click here > Congress: click here

Defense Coalitions and the Global Character of the New Defense Industry. A one-day conference hosted by the Hudson Institute. Washington D.C., 6 December 2006. Official live webcast: click here

Ex-mercenary Nick du Toit tells of his five years in a 'living hell' and why he is ashamed of war. Film-maker and author James Brabazon talks about his friendship with mercenary veteran Nick du Toit, his experiences as a journalist in a war zone. The Observer, 13 June13, 2010: click here

Interview with Blackwater founder and CEO. Erik Prince talks about the status of the FBI investigation into the September 2007 shooting in Iraq. DefenseNews with Vago Muradian. 29 June 2008:

Obama 'troubled' by security contractors. Editorial board of Military Times with Senator Barack Obama. Segment 2: Obama talks about contractors in security-force roles and how that affects enlisted personnel, who make less money than their private counterparts. 7 July 2008: click here

Reporting on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Media Center Panel, The Museum of Television & Radio, New York, 16 April 2007: /wmedia/motr/mediacenter/b _90802.wvx

Road wars. More4 News has learnt that the security company Aegis is trying to close down the website which claims to show videos of Aegis employees firing at civilians in Iraq. More 4 News, 6 April 2007: click here

The Blackwater Shooting. Witnesses shed new light on the killing of 17 Iraqis by American contractors in Baghdad. The New York Times, October 2007 (not dated): click here

Tripoli a ghost town as Libyan mercenaries roam: local. Jon Faine speaks to Tripoli man Amairr for the second time in two days. "There's nobody outside, the markets are closed, everything's closed, the streets are empty." Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 24 February, 2011: TEXT | VIDEO

Under the Aegis. More 4 News has exclusively interviewed a team member of Aegis that allegedly shot at Iraqi civilians. More 4 News, 31 March 2006: click here

United Nations Webcast:

Thomas P. M. Barnett's bracing talk on a solution for the foundering US military: break it in two. One half makes war and the other builds the peace. February 2005, Monterey, CA. Duration: 23:53.

Profiles of some of the firms featured in these video clips can be found at the PSCs & PMCs pages


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