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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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The International Stability Operations Association (ISOA, formerly known as the International Peace Operations Association or IPOA) publishes the Journal of International Peace Operations (formerly IPOA Quarterly). This journal, through ISOA’s conceptual focus on a "Peace and Stability" industry, constitutes the only publication specializing on PMCs and PSCs. IPOA logo
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• Vol 5, No 6, May-June, 2010: Haiti Devastation and Reconstruction: PDF

[ This issue will be indexed shortly, please be patient ]


• Vol. 5, No 5, March-April, 2010: Extractive Industry Security: PDF

[ This issue will be indexed shortly, please be patient ]


• Vol. 5, No. 4 - January-February, 2010: Somalia: PDF

George Joffe - The al-Houthi Rebellion: The History behind Yemen's Long-Simmering Rebellion • Natalie Parke - Aid to Somalia: The Best and Only Option: Move Away from Good Governance for the Good of Somalia • Leslie Anne Warner - From Sea to Shore: Somali Piracy Requires a Solution on Land • Fiona Mangan - And Let Us Not Forget Somaliland: The Politics of an Unrecognized State • Tara Lee - Somalia's Forgotten Graves: The Mass Graves in Hargeisa Must be Preserved • Shukria Dini: Peace Building Efforts by Somali Women: The Fall of the Somali State Opens Doors for Somali Women • Q & A Amb. John Simon: Capitalizing on Africa's Potential • Jeff Dakers and Charlotte Gambling - Bulletproof Standards: IPOA's New Initiative on Armored Vehicle Standards • Ian M. Ralby - Regulating Private Security in Sierra Leone: PSCs in Sierra Leone Face Extensive Labor Regulation Issues • M. Ashraf Hairdari - Afghan Democracy in Context: Contextualizing the August 20 Elections • Doug Brooks - How Many is Too Many?: A Cornucopia of Contractors - Not Necessarily a Bad Thing • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Guinea: The Inevitable Tragedy: Recent Events in Guinea Should Come as No Surprise • J. J. Messner - Speaking Franly About Franken: The Motivation Behind Votes Against the Franken Amendment • Gary Sturgess - The Color of Government: The Colorful History of the Private Sector • Col. Christopher T. Mayer (Ret.) - Accountability: The Way Ahead: Policy Developments to Come in 2010.

Vol. 5, No 3 - November-December, 2009: Information and Intelligence: PDF

Norman L. Olsen - Watching Afghanistan Vote: A Report from an Official Election Observer • Angela Aranas - Intelligence 2.0: Framing New and Innovative Uses of Intelligence Col.Christopher Holshek - Military Observers and Peacekeeping: Providing Unique Capabilities • Joelle Burbank and Mark A. Loucas - Identifying Pre-cursors of Conflict: Using Open Source Intel to Determine Who's Hot, Who's Not • Col. Tim Collins - Outsourcing Intelligence: Involvement of Private Actors in Intelligence • Q & A |Gen. Michael V. Hayden (Ret.): Intelligence in the 21st Century • F. C. Dahmer, et al -Roadblocks to Healthcare: What Contractors Need to Know About Medical Services • Robert S. Wells - Ensuring Ethical Conduct on the World Stage: Remembering the IPOA Code of Conduct • Cyril Magnon-Pujo - A Shadowy Business: A Review of David Isenberg's "Shadow Force" • Jerry Kerr - A New Set of Wheels: A Charity Brings Mobility Back to Disabled Veterans • Doug Brooks - Think Globally, Hire Locally: The Benefits of Employing Local Nationals • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Democracy in Africa Has a Long Way to Go: In the Short Term, the Goal is Good Governance • J. J. Messner - Unreasonable Expectations: As Timor Turns Ten, Are We Expecting Too Much from It? • Gary Sturgess - A Privatization Success Story from Denmark: A Private Company So Institutionalized, it's Barely Private • Katrina Mason - Delaying Peacekeeping: AFRICAP is Awarded by the Department of State.

Vol. 5, No. 2 - September-October, 2009: Afghanistan: Past, Present and Future: [ PDF corrupted in the transfer: To be fixed ]

Jessica Bryant - A Plan for Colombia: Solidifying Strategic Partnerships M. Ashraf Haidiri - Beyond the Election: Key Lessons for International Peacekeeping in Afghanistan • Mark S. Ward - Reconstruction in Afghanistan: It's Not 2002 Anymore Dr. Najibullah Lafraie - A Surge of Support in Afghanistan: But Can it Work? • Audrey Roberts - A Unique Approach to Peacekeeping: Afghanistan and the Human Terrain System Q & A | Maj. Gen. Collins R. U. Ihekire: Lessons from African Peacekeeping • David M. Verhey - Expecting Inspection: Key Considerations for Private Security Companies • Col.Tim Collins - The Spectrum of Subversion: Fighting Subversive Activity from Crime to Terrorism • Amb. Joe Melrose (Ret.) - Pakistan in Perspective: Pakistan Searches for its Identity in a Time of Crisis • Simon Chesterman - The Air Force Perspective on Contracting: Legal and Ethical Questions for Private Air Support • Doug Brooks - Hidden Contractors: Why Governments Must be Forthcoming and Honest • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Obama in Africa: America's President Sends Africa a Message of Tough Love • J. J. Messner - Private Security in African Peacekeeping - A Growing Call for New Ideas from a Frustrated Continent • Gary Sturgess - Remembering the Fallen: Public and Private: New York City's History of Private Emergency Services • Katrina Mason - Congressional Oversight of Contractors: Cooperation Between Government and the Private Sector • Peggy Hu - Conventional Thinking: U.N. Working Group Proposes Draft Convention.

Vol. 5, No. 1 - July-August, 2009: Aviation and Stability Operations: PDF

Elizabeth Ferris - At Long Last: Finally Peace for Sri Lanka?: The LTTE Appears Vanquished and the War Over • Helmoed Romer Heitman - Winging It: The Importance of Aviation to Stability Operations • Angelie Petersen - Humanitarian Aviation: A Key Component of Humanitarian Assistance • Tom Culbert - Destination Africa: Key Issues Involved with Traversing Africa by Air • Joe Mayo - Landing the Best Solution: One Size Doesn't Fit All in Aviation Support • Q & A Allen Shay: Contracting from Vietnam to Sierra Leone • Soraya Narfeldt and Nick Cheadle - Act Globally, Hire Locally: Including the Local Population in Reconstruction Activities - Joanna Kyriakakis - Australia and International Criminal Law: Responsibility of Companies to Abide by International Law • Cyril Magnon-Pujo - ITAR: Problems and Perspectives: Difficulties in Exporting Defense Products and Services • Doug Brooks - Success at Montreux: Progress on the Swiss Initiative • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Will the Real Zuma Please Stand Up?: Change for South Africa, but Will it be for the Better? • J. J. Messner - In or Out?: The Pursuit of a Definition of Inherently Governmental • Gary Sturgess - Privateering and Letters of Marque: An Historical Analysis of the Commercialization of War • Katrina Mason - UK Pursues Self-Regulation Over Licensing: FCO Releases Public Consultation Document.

Vol. 4, No 6 - May-June, 2009: Third Country National: PDF

W. Alejandro Sanchez - Not in My Backyard: Mexico's War: The Steady Decline from Bad to Worse • Tristan Forster and James Sinclair - Ethical Recruitment Practices: The Importance of Operating Above-Board with Third Country Nationals • Martina Vandenberg and Damien Specht - It's Not Just About Prostitution: FAR Compliance and Human Trafficking • Pratap Chatterjee - Not Necessarily a Glamorous Existence: A Tough Choice Faces Many Third Country Nationals • Q & A Brig. Gen. Craig Peterson: Transforming the Tooth-to-Tail Ratio • Lisa Schirch - Security from the Ground Up: Civil Society and the Security-Development Nexus • Zachary Markovits - Overseas Voting for Military and Contractors: New Alliance Aims to Improve Overseas Voting • Sloan Mann and Tim Fairbank - Blurring the Lines: The Importance of Civil-Military and Inter-Agency Cooperation • Vanita Datta -Plugging the Gaps: Learning the Lessons of Mumbai: The Dire Need for Reform in Indian Security • Doug Brooks - Vengeance Contracting Management: Looking for Solutions, Not Fall Guys • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Portugal's Colonial Legacy Continues: Misery in Guinea Bissau • J. J. Messner - Fiji's Blue Berets: Should They Stay or Should They Go?: The Ethics of Deploying Troops from a Bainimarama Republic • Gary Sturgess - The Pioneering Pinkertons. The World's Most Famous Detective Agency • Natalie Ng - Rules for the Use of Force: IPOA Strives to Create Industry Standard Template.

Vol. 4, No. 5 - March-April, 2009: Ready for Departure?: PDF

Aric Mutchnick - Pakistan's Shifting Security: Regional Challenges for a Tough Neighborhood • Dr. Pauline Baker - Are We There Yet?: Is Iraq Ready for a Withdrawal of Foreign Forces? • Lawrence Korb and Sean Duggan - A Good Withdrawal: How the U.S. Can Withdraw from Iraq. Well. • Q & A John Nagl - Lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan • Todd Alexander and Matthew Weinbaum - The Risks of Greasing the Wheel: Effects of Enhanced FCPA Enforcement • Emmanuele Bombande - The Way Ahead for AFRICOM: The Importance of a New Approach for African PKOs • Neil MacKinnon - Keeping NGOs Safe and Sound: Harnessing the Power of Information for Security • Doug Brooks - Forget About It: The Importance of Lessons Learned • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Potentially Positive. A Cautious Outlook for Guinea's New Military Junta • J. J. Messner – EuroScrutiny: The E.U. Takes an Interest in the Industry • Natalie Ng - Madame Secretary. Hillary Clinton Becomes America's Top Diplomat.

Vol. 4, No. 4 - January-February, 2009: Peacekeeping in Congo: PDF

Contracting Under the SOFA: SOFA Subjects Contractors to Iraqi Law -Tara Lee & Ryan Berry • Lessons Unlearned: MONUC has Little Success to Show - Paul D. Williams • Blurred Vision: From Ituri to North Kivu, a Lack of Vision - Henri Boshoff • MONUC, Inc.: Plan A Has Not Worked. How About Plan B? - Doug Brooks • Q & A Mo ibrahim: Recognizing Good Governance • A Review of African Peacekeeping: An Increasing Commitment Required Continent-Wide - Lt. Col. Birame Diop • Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam: An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences - Norman L. Olsen • Contracting in the Seven Years War: A Review of a Book by David Syrett - Gary L. Sturgess • Doug Brooks - Zusätzliche Friedenswächter Bitte!: Time for Germany to Pull its Weight in Peacekeeping • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - It's the Economy, Stupid!: The Economic Important of Eastern DRC • We Don't Get No Respect: Shades of Vietnam Color Public Perceptions - J. J. Messner.




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