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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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Published betwen October 2004 and April 2006, IPOA Quarterly is the predecessor to the International Peace Operations Association's Journal of International Peace Operations. Find here the only available detailed index of this publication as well as free access to all of its issues. IPOA logo
IPOA QUARTERLY: 2004 - 2006-
More soon!


- Issue 7, April 2006: PDF

Conflict and Security Issues in the Modern Age: Implications for Peace, by Dr. Shaista Shameem • The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights • IPOA Member Profile: AYR Aviation • Conditional Statutory Defense Under Detainee Treatment Act of 2005, by Christopher J. Hunter • Accountability and the Uses of Contract, by Laura A. Dickinson • IPOA Code of Conduct. Rules and Guidelines for all members of IPOA.

- Issue 6, January 2006: PDF

Conceptualizing the Peace Operations Environment, by Allison M. Frendak-Blume • The Simultaneity Problem in Stabilization/Reconstruction, by Jack Goldstone • PAE: Global Operations and Maintenance for Peacekeeping, Q&A with Stacey Rabin • Baghdad Tourism, by Doug Brooks • New Peace Operations Initiatives • IPOA Member Profile: Hart Security.

- Issue 5, October 2005: PDF

The Growth and Maturation of Private Security, by Doug Brooks • The Role of Private Sector Companies in Post-Conflict Resolution, by Peter W. Reynolds • IPOA Member Profile: SOC-SMG, Inc. • Global Security for a Transnational Industry, by Deborah Avant • ArmorGroup: Standards and Code of Ethics, Q&A with Jim Schmitt • Humanitarian Awareness: The Missing Variable to Operation Iraqi Freedom?, by Victoria Fontan.

- Issue 4, July 2005: PDF

Technology: Changing the Way We Deal with Landmines • Security Sector Reform and the Role of Private Contractors • IPOA Member Profile: Demining Enterprises International • Message from the President: Protecting People through Technology • Armoring Vehicles: An Interview with Security Support Solutions.

- Issue 3, April 2005: PDF

Military Civil Action Projects: A Humanitarian Perspective • Civilians and Contractors Deployed Overseas: Who's Law Applies? • IPOA Member Profile: Medical Support Solutions • Supporting Industry Standards, message from Doug Brooks• PMC Regulation: A Legal Vacuum?, by Carlos Ortiz.

- Issue 2, January 2005: PDF

Lessons from Iraq: Rethinking the Future of Contractor Support, by James Jay Carafano • Private Military Firms in Africa: Rogue or Regulated?, by Angela McIntyre • IPOA Member Profile: ICI of Oregon • Regulation in the Peace and Stability Industry, message from Doug Brooks • The Development of Security in Humanitarian Aid, by Terrance Wesbrock.

- Issue 1, October 2004: PDF

Message from IPOA President, Doug Brooks • UN Peacekeeping and the Private Sector, by Garrett Mason • An Interview on Iraq with Joe Donahue • The Future of African Peacekeeping, by Natashia Chhiba • Technology: Forward - Osmosis Purification, by Nathan Jones.




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