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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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This page incorporated key documents released by Sandline International, a key player in the emerging and unfolding Private Military Companies debate (1998-2004), while active. Incorporated here with permission from the company.
More soon!


These documents are incorporated here for research purposes and can be referred to or quoted following conventional academic rules. However, they should not be reproduced wholly or partially on websites or other mediums without expressed authorization from Sandline International:

- Comment by Sandline International. 16 April 2004: Closure of Sandline's operations: open pdf file

- Comment by Sandline International. If it worked before, why not again?, 19 March 2004: open pdf file

- Comment by Sandline International. Book entitled 'Mercenaries - an African Security Dilemma', 14 March 2000: open pff file

- Comments on [UK] Government Green Paper entitled Private Military Companies: Options for Regulation published 12 February 2002, July 2002: open pdf file

- Comment by Sandline International. Open letter from Sandline on peacekeeping and PMCs, 5 June 2000: open pdf file

- Comment by Sandline International. Corrections published by Jane's Intelligence Review, 13 March 2000: open pdf file

- An Open Letter, February 1999: open pdf file

- Should Activities of Private Military Companies be Transparent?, September 1998: open pdf file

- Private Military Companies - Independent or Regulated?, 28 March 1998: open pdf file

Journal articles documenting the activities of Sandline can be found at the PMC BIBLIOGRAPHY page


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