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last updated 27-Mar-2016

News articles and special reports related to active or recently active insurgent and rebel groups, as well as recent events across the world featuring pockets of civilian uprising, civilian resistance, and anarchism. The focus of the section is geographical, by region and country, though some rebels, insurgents, and anarchists operate across borders. For some regions, this insurgency and rebellion digest also covers wider criminal activities linked to various forms of civilian uprising. While the section remains under construction, we will be researching and cataloging incidents that have occurred from around 2010 onwards.



Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Philippines, Muslim rebels announce preliminary peace pact; guerrilla forces to be deactivated. Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said Sunday his government reached a preliminary peace agreement with the largest Muslim rebel group, ending a decades-long rebellion in the country’s south. By Eileen Ng, Jim Gomez, AP, Montreal Gazette, October 8, 2012: click here

The motivation to expand and include a segment focusing on Adverse Private Forces (APFs) has it origins on a key argument put forward in the book Private Armed Forces and Global Security. The author of the book argues that a dichotomy in the private realm has emerged, whereby PMCs/PSCs legitimately work alongside state forces and multilateral actors deterring or counteracting the predatory advances of APFs. The author further suggests that the emerging and defining conflicts of the 21st century are likely to feature PMCs/PSCs (in partnership with state and multilateral forces) fighting against varied arrays of APFs. The main categories of APFs examined in the book and covered here are terrorist organizations, rebels and insurgents, pirates, mafias, and drug trafficking organizations. Thus, we hope this new segment will become a relevant resource to understand 21st century conflicts.



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