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last updated 27-Mar-2016

News articles and special reports related to rebels, rebellion, and street violence in Latin America (Central and South America). We cover rebellion and civilian uprising in countries such as Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. The Adverse Private Forces we primarily focus here are Latin American and Hispanic rebels, as well as the groups behind recent civilian uprisings and mass mobilizations.




Argentine youths riot as World Cup loss mourned. Argentine riot police fired tear gas and water cannon on Sunday to break up dozens of rock-hurling youths in central Buenos Aires. By Jorge Otaola and Richard Lough, Reuters, July 14, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Fifa World Cup 2014 final: Argentina pain turns to violence over loss to Germany.15 police injured, 40 arrested, as clashes sent families with children scurrying for refuge in restaurants or hotel lobbies. Emirates 247, July 14, 2014: TEXT | VIDEO



Rio Faces Surge of Post-World Cup Violence in Slums. Gun Battles Are Testing the Government's Efforts to Bring Order and Stability to the City. By Loretta Chao, The Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Riot police deployed on Copacabana beach as Brazil humiliated 7-1 by Germany in World Cup. Anti-aircraft guns were deployed close to grounds and commercial flights will not be allowed to land at eight airports within a four nautical mile no-fly radius. By Dan Kay, Liverpool Echo, July 9, 2014: TEXT

Sao Paulo violent protests on World Cup opening day as journalist 'injured' amid rubber bullets and stun grenades. Police use tear gas and stun grenades on demonstrators in Sao Paulo, the city due to host the World Cup opening ceremony and match in just a few hours' time. By Gordon Rayner, and Donna Bowater, The Telegraph, June 12, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES | VIDEO

Football fans warned: Expect ‘World Cup of terror’. Supporters heading to South America next summer are said to be under threat from the notorious 1,300-strong First Capital Of The Command crime syndicate. Metro, October 16, 2013: TEXT

Rebel groups and guerillas clasified as terrorist organization are covered in the TERRORISM IN LATIN AMERICA section

Riots in Brazil. Vehicles are set aflame and tear gas floods the streets as protesters demanding changes to the public educational system clash with riot police in Rio de Janeiro. Reuters, October 7, 2013: PICTURES


Colombian port city where body parts wash up following screams in the dark. So many different criminal groups have terrorised the slums of Colombia’s main Pacific port, Buenaventura, that residents rarely bother to learn the name of the latest clan in control. They simply call the warring gangs 'los malos' (the bad people). By Sibylla Brodzinsky, The Guardian, October 12, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES



‘Flee or die’: violence drives Central America’s child migrants to US border.The vast majority of the child migrants come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – all struggling with high levels of violence when heavily armed street gangs such as the Mara Salvatrucha and Calle 18 impose a reign of terror on entire neighbourhoods. By Jo Tuckman, The Guardian, July 9, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Central American leaders meet Barack Obama to criticise US border policy. Presidents Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras, Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala and Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador urged the Obama administration to do more to address the destabilisation caused by cartels shipping narcotics to the American market, By Chris McGreal, The Guardian, July 26, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Media reports focusing on drug cartels can be found in the DRUG TRAFFICKING section



Mexico’s cartel-fighting vigilantes get closer to the Texas border. The vigilantes in Tamaulipas are more secretive than those of the south, working in hidden cells from towns and ranches, and conceal their identities because they not only fear arrest but also revenge attacks from the gangsters. By Loan Grillo,, July 8, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

June Mexico Media Roundup: Another Month Of Vigilantes And Violence In Michoacan. New rules imposed by Mexico’s federal government in May were put in place to regularize the autodefensas into a uniformed police force called the Fuerza Rural and ban ordinary citizens from carrying machine guns. By Nathaniel Parish Flannery, Forbes, June 30, 2014: TEXT | PICTURES

Civilian policing groups are covered in the CIVILIAN SECURITY UNITS section

Mexico Execution: 7 Killed And Left Dead On Roundabout. One of the threatening notes reportedly read: "Warning: This is going to happen to all muggers, pickpockets, kidnappers, rapists and extortionists." Huffington Post, March 27, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Mexico vigilantes detain police in Guerrero. Armed with shotguns, the self-styled "community police" marched into Tierra Colorada in Guerrero state after one of their leaders was killed. BBC News, March 27, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE




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