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last updated 18-Aug-2020

News articles and special reports related to rebels and rebellion in the Caribbean region. We cover rebellion and civilian uprising in countries such as Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Panama, and the Dominical Republic. The Adverse Private Forces we primarily focus here are Caribbean Rebels and the groups behind recent civilian uprisings and mobilizations.




Major survey debunks perceptions about crime and police in Haiti. The study, based on four surveys carried out in nearly 3,000 homes from 2005 to last month, asked residents what they thought about issues including crime, the police, sexual violence, access to food, water and sanitation. By Anastasia Moloney, Alertnet, 22 November 22, 2011: TEXT | PICTURE

Haiti battles growing crime wave. Camps for quake survivors seeing rise in shootings and sexual assaults. Al Jazeera, March 18, 2010: VIDEO

Haiti's rising crime preventing humanitarian aid distribution, UN says. Kidnapping has increased, while cars are stopped and the people inside them robbed, OCHA spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs told a news briefing in Geneva. UN News Centre, May 4, 2004: TEXT

Haiti rebellion reaches new heights. Heavy gunfire rattled throughout the city as a rebel force of about 200 scattered poorly-trained and outnumbered police before them and people ran for cover. By Michael Christie and Alistair Scrutton, Independent Online, February 23, 2004: TEXT

History Of Haiti Marked By Rebellion, Bloodshed. Timeline: 1492-1986. The Palm Beach Post - February 8, 1986: Google Newspapers PDF

Six Miami Deputies in Haiti Rebellion. They were involved in a filibustering adventure that ended in blood and frustration at Port Au Prince. Daytona Beach Morning Journal, July 30, 1958: Google Newspapers PDF




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