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last updated 27-Mar-2016

News articles and special reports related to insurgents and insurgency in North Africa, covering the so-called Arab Spring countries. We cover insurgency and rebellion in countries such as Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Western Sahara, and Sudan. The Adverse Private Forces we primarily focus here are North African insurgent and rebel groups.




Hostages killed in Algeria rescue attempt. Government forces moved against a militant Islamist group which had been holding a number of foreign workers hostage at a large gas plant. Most reports say a number of hostages have been freed, some have escaped, but others have been killed. The British prime minister says the country should prepare for bad news. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, AM - Presented by Tony Eastley, Mary Gearin. January 18, 2013: AUDIO (6min 42sec)



Teenage peace activists among dead in Libya 'black Friday.' Militants assassinate rights workers and army officers while mystery jets launch raids on Tripoli. By Chris Stephen The Observer, September 20, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Filipino worker beheaded by militiamen in Libya. "The vehicle he was riding in was stopped in a checkpoint. There were three of them - a Libyan a Pakistani and a Filipino and he was allegedly singled out because he was non-Muslim,"Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said. New Zealand Herald, July 22, 2014: TEXT

Libyan militias' battle for Tripoli airport forces hundreds of families to flee. Tank shells, rockets and artillery rain down as militias from Misrata fight others from Zintan in control of capital's airport. By Chris Stephen, The Guardian, July 20, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Libya considers call for help after rocket attacks close Tripoli airport. Country left 'cut off from the outside world' as United Nations withdraws staff after latest fighting between rival liberal and islamist militias. By AFP, The Guardian, July 15, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Libya airport hit by heavy fighting between militias. Flights halted as Islamist militias attack rival Zintan group, which controls Tripoli international airport. The Guardian, July 13, 2014: TEXT | VIDEO

120 Libyan rebels charter plane to Sarajevo to watch a movie. The French director Florent Marcie filmed the insurgents from the Libyan town of Zintan from the start of the Libyan uprising until the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, living alongside them for eight months. By AP, The Guardian, July 20, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE



At least 14 Tunisian troops killed in mountain attack. Since April, thousands of Tunisian soldiers have been deployed to the Chaambi range bordering Algeria in an operation to flush out al Qaeda-linked militants seeking refuge there, some since fleeing French intervention in Mali last year. By Tarek Amara, Reuters, July 17, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Tunisia pro-uprising group fuels concern. League for the Protection of the Revolution, a network of government supporters, becoming a concerning player in a country in transition. By Borzou Daragahi, The Financial Times, February 17, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Tunisia: Violence and the Salafi Challenge. Many non-Islamists see ample evidence of the dangers Salafis embody; worse, they suspect that, behind their ostensible differences, Salafis and An-Nahda, the ruling Islamist party, share similar designs.International Crisis Group, Middle East and North Africa Report N° 13713, February 13, 2013: TEXT

Uprising in Tunisia as regime critic is murdered. Government falls after killing provokes violent protests in cradle of Arab Spring. By Loveday Morris, The Independet, February 6, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE




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