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last updated 18-Aug-2020
  News articles and special reports related to drug trafficking in Asia and Asian drug trafficking organizations or cartels and transit hubs. We focus on drug trafficking and related criminal activities in countries such as Afghanistan, China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Lao. As drug trafficking, linking producers in the far East to consumers in the West, is truly an international criminal endeavor, please also browse the other sections to identify cross-border trends.  


Latin American Traffickers Find New - And Risky - Drug Market In Middle East Gulf States. South American traffickers are taking the risk of bringing their products to the Gulf states because the profit is much greater in that region than in the United States. Fox News, September 19, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Afghanistan top priority for Russia’s security council agenda. According to the Federal Drug Service, 106 tons of illegal drugs – mostly in the form of heroin cultivated from Afghan opium poppy – were seized in Russia last year, a 70 percent jump from 2011. By SAJAD, Khaama Press, March 1, 2013: TEXT

$200 million in Afghan heroin seized in drug bust near Moscow. The heroin made it all the way from Afghanistan through Central Asian countries in bags of radishes and was dyed green to replicate the color of the vegetables., February 25, 2013: TEXT | VIDEO





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