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last updated 27-Mar-2016
  News articles and special reports related to drug trafficking in Europe and continental transit hubs. We focus on drug trafficking and related criminal activities in the European Union countries as well as former Soviet republics. As drug trafficking, linking producers in the far East and the South to consumers in Europe and North America, is truly an international criminal endeavor, please also browse the other section to identify cross-border trends.  


Colombian drug lord El Ratón arrested in Spain. Hernán Alonso Villa, aka The Mouse, is linked to 400 murders and faces smuggling, extortion and people trafficking charges. By Stephen Burgen, The Guardian, 21 July, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Drug lord Darko Saric surrenders to Serbian authorities. Saric has been on the run since October 2009, when a shipment of 2.7 tons of cocaine that he allegedly organized was disrupted near the Uruguayan Atlantic coast in an international police action that included DEA. By Dusan Stojanovic (AP), March 18, 2014: TEXT | PICTURe of Darko Saric

Spanish police swoop on Colombian drug gang's 'branch office for hit men.' After a sting operation codenamed "Achilles" that lasted 16 months, officers from Madrid's Central Organised Crime Brigade moved in the cell of Colombian assassins and seized an arsenal of weapons. By Fiona Govan, The Telegraph, March 2, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Danish Police Find Cocaine on North Sea Shores. Danish police say "a considerable amount" of cocaine has washed ashore along the Scandinavian country's North Sea coast. By AP, ABC News, February 15, 2013: TEXT

Irish among highest cocaine users in Europe - Coke use remains “relatively high” among young adults in Ireland. IrishCentral, February 3, 2013: TEXT | VIDEO

Commission calls for EU-wide ban on amphetamine-like drug '4-MA.' 4-methylamphetamine – or 4-MA – is already illegal in 10 EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom). It has been associated with 21 deaths in four EU countries in 2010-2012 alone. European Commission, Reference: IP/13/75, January 31, 2013: TEXT

EU drug markets report: a strategic analysis. The EU drug markets report is the first comprehensive overview of illicit drug markets in the European Union. It covers issues such as production, consumer markets, trafficking, organised crime and policy responses, along with a review of the markets for heroin, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and new psychoactive substances. European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Lisbon, January 2013: PDF

Colombian hit men blamed for 200 murders arrested in Spain. Police named the pair working for Colombian drug cartels as debt collectorsas Henry Norberto Valdes Marin, 36, alias Pollo - meaning Chicken - and Mauricio Alberto Gonzalez, 44, aka Ronco. By Fiona Govan, The Telegraph, September 14, 2010: TEXT | PICTURES




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