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last updated 27-Mar-2016

News articles and special reports related to drug trafficking in Colombia, and Colombian drug trafficking organizations or cartels. As drug trafficking, linking producers in Colombia to consumers in North America and Europe via the Caribbean, Mexico, and Africa, is truly an international criminal endeavor, please also browse our other sections to identify cross-border trends.



Colombian police seize cocaine stashed in bricks. The shipment was destined for Honduras, from where police believe the cocaine would have been smuggled to the United States. BBC News, March 24, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

'Colombian drug lord' alias Pichi arrested in Panama. The man, known as Pichi, is accused of leading a drug gang known as The Office and is suspected of ordering the murder of nine people in the city of Medellin. BBC News, February 10, 2013: TEXT | PHOTO

U.S. requests Colombia Urabenos 'gang leader' extradition. Henry de Jesus Lopez Londono, known as Mi Sangre or My Blood, is the alleged leader of the Urabenos gang. BBC News, December 29, 2012: click here

Venezuela National Guard finds buried stash of cash. Counter-narcotics officers said the $550,000 belonged to an international drug trafficking gang. BBC News, November 24, 2012: click here

Colombia drug baron Barrera captured in Venezuela. Daniel Barrera, known as "Crazy Barrera", was captured in San Cristobal across the border from Colombia. BBC News, September 19, 2012: VIDEO




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