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last updated 23-May-2021

List / Directory of PSCs or Private Security Companies (contractors, firms). Indeed, sometimes PSCs are referred to as PMCs or PMSCs, and all the way round. It is also sometimes complex to distinguish between 'private military' and 'private security' capabilities, particularly when firms operate in dangerous environments. Therefore, it is perhaps better for you to focus on the services they offer, and if you fail to find the solution you were looking for, check our other directories.

PSCs: C - G


Centigon Security Group

Centigon provides secure, armoured mobility including cash-in-transit, passenger and military vehicles. With extensive manufacturing and R&D expertise, Centigon vehicles protect against multiple ballistic threats (from handgun to armour piercing and blast effects). Centigon was acquired by Armor Holdings in 2001. When BAE Systems acquired Armor Holdings in 2007 the Centigon business was sold to Carat Duchatelet Holdings Ltd and became the Carat Security Group. Subsequently, the business evolved into the Centigon Security Group. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020 and research concerning its history]:


ChaseWaterford (Pty) Ltd

ChaseWaterford is a leading, privately owned supplier of risk management and a wide range of fraud and security consultancy services aimed at assisting organisations reduce their exposure to fraud and security failure. Our Services include Fraud Vulnerability Assessment, Security Risk Assessment, Brand Enforcement, Product Vulnerability Assessment, IT & Network Security Review, Information Security Review, Total Security Management, Supplier Security Review, Embedded Resource, Security System & Resource Design, Investigation Services, and Training. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Chubb Fire & Security Ltd

Chubb has roots dating back to 1818 and the demand for 'security' resulting from the impact on society of the industrial revolution. Following a spin-off from United Technologies, Chubb is today part of Carrier Global Corporation and protects our customers in over 20 countries. Our portfolio of security solutions is designed to prevent an incident, detect an incident and respond to an event. Our security supporting services include Security audit, Service and maintenance, Alarm monitoring and response, and the ChubbmySite customer portal. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Control Risks Group Holdings Ltd

With offices in every region and time zone, Control Risks is a specialist risk consultancy committed to helping our clients build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity. The company services focus on Creating a Secure Organisation (e.g. Operational and Protective Security), Creating a Compliant Organisation, Creating a Resilient Organisation (e.g. Crisis and Incident Readiness), Resolving Critical Issues & Crises (e.g. Kidnap, Extortion and Threat Response, and Terrorism and Security Incident Response), Delivering Growth & Opportunity, and Applying Technology Solutions. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


CoventBridge Group Ltd

CoventBridge provides comprehensive, global investigative solutions. Led by an extensive network of experts backed by the latest in technology, data protection and legal expertise. Their services are organised around Insurance Solutions, Government Solutions, International Solutions, and UK & Ireland Solutions. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


CSS International Holdings Inc / CSS Global
This corporate identity (and linked ones) were not detectable the last time this listing was being updated - Listing preserved for research purposes.

CSS provides design/build and construction, logistics, operations and maintenance and risk management services. Whether you desire to venture into the emerging regions of Africa, the hostile environments of the Middle East or disaster-struck regions of the Caribbean, CSS International Holdings, Inc. will tackle your requests on-budget and on-time. [Indormation retrieved from the company's website and Capabilities Statement in December 2011]:



FirstCall Corporate Security and Advisory Services is a global business advisory and risk management company providing personal protection, workplace stability and crisis advisory services and solutions: Executive Protection, Workplace Stability Services, In-Vehicle Security and GPS Monitoring, Advisory Services, and Emergency Response. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Garda World Security Corp / GardaWorld

GardaWorld is the world's largest privately owned security services company offering a wide range of highly focused business solutions, including leading-edge security services and cash solutions: Security Guards, Mobile Patrol, Executive Protection, Event Security, Airport Security, Loss Prevention, Police Support Services, Fire Protection and Confined Space Monitoring, K9 Security, Asset Tracking, Travel Security, Crisis Management, Security Consulting, Business Continuity Services, Facilities Management, as well as Specialized Services, Cash Services and Pandemic Response. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


GlobalOptions Inc

ICS | Merrill and GlobalOptions merged in March 2016 to form the CoventBridge Group. - Listing preserved for research purposes.

Founded in 1995 as The Intel Group, Inc (later known as Hyperion Risk), through mergers and acquisition the company evolved into GlobalOptions by 2010 to become the largest privately held investigative organization in the world. The company offers global investigative solutions and focuses on Investigations, a Special Investigations Unit, Surveillance, Forensics, Traffic Recon, GlobalTrak, Internet Mining, and SIU Claims Investigations. [Information retrieved from the company's website in February 2015]:


GPW Group Ltd

GPW Group is a leading global investigations and intelligence company. We anticipate and mitigate risk for our clients' businesses. Our expertise is in the 'soft' issues that are complementary to legal and financial advice - political dynamics, the behaviour of individuals, and uncovering information that is deliberately hidden. While our investigations are often global in scope, we specialise in emerging and frontier markets including Russia & CIS, South East Asia, Central Asia and the South Caucasus, Latin and Central America, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Granite Intelligence LLC

With over 25 years of experience, Granite Intelligence provides its clients with sophisticated business intelligence, investigative, integrity monitoring and compliance, litigation support and private client services in virtually any region (including South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East). With considerable experience in white collar and financial crimes, complex investigations, law enforcement, integrity monitoring, finance, accounting and law, the firm is committed to solving its clients' problems with discretion and integrity. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Gray Page Ltd

Since launched in 2003, Gray Page has operated in more than 80 countries, dealing with problems ranging from Somalia-based piracy to establishing the probity of trading partners in emerging economies to the challenges of operating securely in Ebola-affected countries. The company's core services focus on Investigative Consulting and Asset Protection. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


G4S plc

The security businesses of Group 4 Falck A/S and Securicor plc merged in July 2004 to create Group 4 Securicor plc. In June 2007, Group 4 Securicor officially became known as G4S. G4S is one the world's largest security companies. Their catalogue of services are organised around Security Solutions, Cash Solutions, Consulting Services, Care and Justice as well as the G4S Academy. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]: |


This is a sample list and not an exhaustive resource. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. This is a professional resource and we are simply trying to help you find the company and/or service you were looking for, be that for research or business purposes. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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