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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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This free-to-download book, edited by Jakkie Cilliers and Peggy Mason and published by the Institute for Security Studies, was the result of a collaborative project between the Institute for Security Studies and the Canadian Council for International Peace. This is an archived resourse no longer updated.

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Peace, Profit or Plunder? The Privatisation of Security in War-torn African Societies



About the contributors

Chapter 1: Private security in war-torn African states, by Jakkie Cilliers
Chapter 2: Africa, military downsizing and the growth in the security industry, by Peter Lock
Chapter 3: The crisis in external response, by Mark Malan
Chapter 4: The collapse of the African state, by Richard Cornwell
Chapter 5: Executive Outcomes – A corporate conquest, by Khareen Pech
Chapter 6: The military as business – Military Professional Resources, Incorporated, by Jakkie Cilliers and Ian Douglas
Chapter 7: Gurkhas and the private security business in Africa, by Alex Vines
Chapter 8: Angola – A case study of private military involvement, by Sean Cleary
Chapter 9: Fighting for diamonds – Private military companies in Sierra Leone, by Ian Douglas
Chapter 10: Private security and international law, by Yves Sandoz

Chapter 11: Africa – From the privatisation of security to the privatisation of war?, by Jakkie Cilliers and Richard Cornwell

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