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last updated 16-Nov-2017
  Military Coups of the 21st century. We cover in this section news articles and special reports covering military coups in Latin America since 2000. A military coups or coup d'état generally implies the overthrowing of a government through the use, directly or indirectly, of military power. This is a work in progress directory and, assisted with your ever valuable feedback, we will see ho better to develop this resource.  


ECUADOR (Last coup: 2000) **TO BE ADDED**

HAITI (Last coup: 2004) **TO BE ADDED**

HONDURAS (Last coup: 2009)

Honduran President Is Ousted in Coup. By Elisabeth Malkin, The New York Times, June 28, 2009: TEXT | PICTURES

Honduras president ousted in 'coup.' Deposed President Manuel Zelaya was arrested and flown to exile in Costa Rica. BBC News, June 28, 2009: VIDEO

- In pictures: Honduran president ousted: PICTURES

VENEZUELA (Last coup: April 2002) **TO BE ADDED**




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