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last updated 18-Aug-2020
  Do not always let search engines decide which specific stories are relevant and hence worth the top slot. If you can spare the time, visit the actual news sources and find reports suiting your particular interests. Find here some examples of the articles the types of articles they publish. many more articles available at the NEWS ARTICLES pages.  


Global Beat. The Global Beat is a web resource center primarily intended for journalists and editors who cover international issues, as well as scholars, professionals and others interested in learning more about the critical international issues we cover.Ultimately, the Global Beat hopes to improve coverage of international issues by continually challenging and enhancing journalists' awareness of global security concerns:

Global Gateway. The alternative newslink Inter Press Service, the world's leading provider of information on global issues, is backed by a network of journalists in more than 100 countries, with satellite communication links to 1,200 outlets. IPS focuses its news coverage on the events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations:

-Conflict Watch-Africa.

• It focuses on innovative approaches to the emerging security challenges of the new millennium:

• Google News. The articles are selected and ranked by computers that evaluate, among other things, how often and on what sites a story appears online. We also rank based on certain characteristics of news content such as freshness, location, relevance and diversity. As a result, stories are sorted without regard to political viewpoint or ideology and you can choose from a wide variety of perspectives on any given story. Useful archive search facility incorporate on the service:

• ICC Commercial Crime Services. CCS, the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce, contains useful and sometimes little reported information about all types of crime, including acts of piracy:

• ICRC News. Section, primarily intended for the media, containing all International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) news releases and operational bulletins from the field. (multilingual site):

• IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. A service managed by the International Maritime Bureau that includes a Live Piracy Report and Live Piracy Map: click here

• Information Telegraph Agency of Russia ( (ITAR-TASS). In existence since 1904, The Information Telegraph Agency of Russia is one of the world's largest international information agencies. The successor to the Soviet TASS news agency, it has retained its status of being the state central information agency: English:

Intelligence News. An archive maintained by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS):

Integrated Regional Information Networks. IRIN is part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). IRIN, which was born out of the 1994 crisis in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, pioneered the use of e-mail and web technology to deliver and receive information to and from some of the most remote and underdeveloped places in Africa, cheaply and efficiently:

Kyodo News. Kyodo's English-language news service reaches news agencies, newspapers, radio-TV broadcasters and financial information distributors in various parts of the world as well as international organizations, including the WTO, IMF and IOC:

Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight. As part of Lloyd's Exposure Management team, we analyse the latest material on emerging risk to provide organisations with business critical information at their fingertips:

Lloyd's List International. The flagship publication of Informa's Maritime and Transport division, Lloyds List is the authoritative voice of the maritime industry, drawing on the skills of a global network of correspondents and a team of experienced journalists in London:



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