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last updated 22-Jul-2016
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United Kingdom: official reports, national laws and regulations, and acts related to international terrorist organizations, their formal designation, acts of terrorism, definitions of terrorism, and law enforcement and homeland security strategies dealing with the problem of international terrorism. While the TEXT options listed include the latest revisions as made available online by the UK government, the PDFs comprise the original documents, as enacted.



Terrorism Act 2006, Chapter 11 This is an act to make provision for and about offences relating to conduct carried out, or capable of being carried out, for purposes connected with terrorism; to amend enactments relating to terrorism; to amend the Intelligence Services Act 1994 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000; and for connected purposes. TEXT | PDF (original)

Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Act 2006. This is an act to provide for Part 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to continue in force for a limited period after 18th February 2006 subject to modifications and to authorise the making of provision in connection with its ceasing to have effect; and for connected purposes. TEXT | PDF

Counter-Terrorism Act 2008. This is an act to confer further powers to gather and share information for counter-terrorism and other purposes; to make further provision about the detention and questioning of terrorist suspects and the prosecution and punishment of terrorist offences; to impose notification requirements on persons convicted of such offences; to confer further powers to act against terrorist financing, money laundering and certain other activities; to provide for review of certain Treasury decisions and about evidence in, and other matters connected with, review proceedings; to amend the law relating to inquiries; to amend the definition of “terrorism”; to amend the enactments relating to terrorist offences, control orders and the forfeiture of terrorist cash; to provide for recovering the costs of policing at certain gas facilities; to amend provisions about the appointment of special advocates in Northern Ireland; and for connected purposes: TEXT | PDF

Terrorism Act 2000. This is an act to make provision about terrorism; and to make temporary provision for Northern Ireland about the prosecution and punishment of certain offences, the preservation of peace and the maintenance of order. TEXT | PDF

Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, Chapter 2. This is an act to provide for the making against individuals involved in terrorism-related activity of orders imposing obligations on them for purposes connected with preventing or restricting their further involvement in such activity; to make provision about appeals and other proceedings relating to such orders; and for connected purposes. TEXT | PDF

Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011. This is an act to abolish control orders and make provision for the imposition of terrorism prevention and investigation measures. TEXT | PDF




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