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Private Military Ecology Blog
last updated 27-Mar-2016
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At Private Military Ecology we explore unfolding trends and alternative futures for the use and understanding of Private Military and/or Security Companies and services. Late in 2013, we opened shop at WordPress --a nicer, cleaner and more elegant experience. At Military Ecology @ WordPress we discuss the changing 21st century security environment in addition to private military and security issues. However, please note that Private Military Ecology @ Blogger is actually our oldest blog space and we have posted many items there that you will not find listed here or at WordPress.


delta one and operation twist

Delta One and Operation Twist, September 24, 2011

Private security seems to be the only immediately available alternative to alleviate the widening security gap engendered by Delta One-like financial activity and Operations Twist. ...It is time to embrace Operation Save Yourself and think more positively about this new bread of private security.


London riots: civilian and private security, August 10, 2011

Three short paragraphs to help us reflect on the riots in London and other parts of the United Kingdom over the last week. As the response of society and the private sector to the riots has shown, these citations illustrate three trends rapidly consolidating and converging on one another.



libya migration exodus

The fear of mass migration from Libya (and North Africa) into Europe, April 22, 2011

Human rights violations? Yes, that’s part of the reason. A little about oil reserves within close proximity of Europe? OK, probably that is part of the reason too. Moreover, there are also psychological connotations attached to the behavior of PM Cameron and President Sarkozy. However, there is a powerful issue that might help to explain better (and continue to guide) the European response to the Libyan crisis: the fear and longer term implications of mass emigration of Libyans, and Northern Africans broadly, into Europe.


revolution grafitti image

The Coming Global Revolution and Private Security, March 1, 2011

The events unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa and more demonstrations and social unrest spreading throughout the developed and developing world show some of the trends that make a global revolution, more than an academic idea, an unfolding reality.


those little private military angels?

UK calls for private military code of conduct, April 25, 2009

The reasons appear to be threefold. Firstly, the growing importance of the Montreux Document; secondly, the personal ambitions of David Miliband; and thirdly, it is cheap.



G20 or G12

G20 security: London Olympics 2012 security field practice, March 13, 2009

The G20 Summit and the Finance Ministers meeting are also early rehearsals, basic security tests, on how the UK is likely to run security during the 2012 London Olympics. Some commentators (and London residents) dread that the Olympics, and security measures attached, will paralyze London.



flying pig

Sharpen your sense of fairness, February 29, 2009

it is becoming of little concern if some highly-qualified private military and security personnel make more money than regular servicemen or police officers as long as they do their job. Rest assured you would never hear of any Private Military Company been rescued by government and its former CEO handed a publicly-funded golden parachute worth $870,000 per year for life.



A silver lining under Obama?

2009 Global Security Outlook: the Obama Turn, January 21, 2009

For large and possibly international disturbances, police will not be enough. You should think about the Great Depression social upheavals and activism circa 1968 combined together and enhanced by digital communications. Using armies, on the other hand, would send the wrong message to people.



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