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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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A novel by Geraint Jones

Urungwe Publications, Y Borth, June 2006
Paperback, 209x146 mm, 242 pages
ISBN: 095532310X

Buy it also from GWales for £8.99 (click here)

About the novel: An exceptional African boy is discovered by a schoolteacher and a priest, who groom him for success. Yet in an Africa undergoing political turmoil, things do not go according to plan. Set in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) in the immediate post-colonial era, the story unfolds around a young African policeman whose experiences symbolize the upheavals and promises of a continent in transition. In Landsong, Geraint Jones delivers a well-crafted, intuitive, and unique African story.

About the author: Geraint Jones was born in Wales, but educated in Zambia, Uganda, Malaysia, and South Africa. He served in the British South Africa Police and for a brief period in Zimbabwe. He has worked in the mining industry, the investigation business, and as a private security detail. His extensive traveling has given him an unique insight into diversity and multiculturalism. Prior to publishing this novel, Mr. Jones did postgraduate research at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales, in 2004-5.



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