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last updated 18-Aug-2020
  ARCHIVAL RESOURCE. We are no longer updating the page as ICC changes links capriciously and constantly Instead, we are creating a more permanent resource at Adverse Forces/ Piracy section. The section used to consolidate news and reports from the International Chamber of Commerce's Commercial Crime Services on the growing problem of piracy in international waters.  
More soon!

- IMB issues piracy warning to vessels in the Gulf of Aden. London, 2 July 2008: click here

Check IMB piracy maps for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 at our MAPS page

- Piracy figures up by 20% for first quarter of 2008. London, 16 April 2008: click here

- Le Ponant crew released. London, 14 April 2008: click here

- French yacht hijacking part of growing Somali piracy trend. London, 10 April 2008: click here

- Reported piracy incidents rise sharply in 2007. London, 9 January 2008: click here

- Tanker attacked off Nigeria. London, 6 December 2007: click here

- IMB reports spike in hijackings near Somalia. London, 31 October 2007: click here

- Piracy attacks rise 14% as Nigerian and Somalian coasts become more dangerous. London, 15 October 2007: click here

- Piracy conference urges international intervention to protect shipping off Somalia. London, 13 June 2007: click here

- IMB launches Maritime Security Hotline. London, 13 June 2007: click here

- IMB conference addresses piracy concerns. London, 12 June 2007: click here

- Piracy attacks spike in Somali waters. London, 31 May 2007: click here

- IMB piracy report notes decline in piracy. London, 25 April 2007: click here

- Optimism as piracy attacks fall for third year in a row. London, 22 January 2007: click here

- Global piracy decreasing but hotspots remain deadly. London, 31 October 2006: click here

- New IMB service helps seafarers pinpoint piracy attacks. London, 30 August 2006: click here

- Iraq declared new piracy hotspot. London, 31 January 2006: click here

- Somali pirates detained by US navy. Paris, 24 January 2006: click here

- Unprecedented increase in piracy attacks off Somalia. London, 20 October 2005: click here

- Piracy heats up in Somali waters. London, 21 June 2005: click here

More piracy reports are available in the NEWS pages

- Violence resumes in Malacca Straits. Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2005: click here

- Malaysian authorities arrest hijackers of Indonesian tug and barge. Kuala Lumpur, 14 January 2005: click here

- Maritime security: separating fact from hype. London, 30 June 2004: click here

- Pirate attacks against ships increase, ICC report finds. London, 24 October 2002: click here



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