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last updated 29-Aug-2021
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This is our news archive. Find here news articles and special reports focusing on Private Military and/or Security Contractors (companies, firms) and the privatization of security, broadly. This page covers the period of 2010 to today. We generally list free-access articles. If any item interests you, save it or print it before you have to pay for it. URLs change frequently, though the citation given was accurate at the time the item was added to the archive. Please use the menu options below to search for other news media outlets and/or articles published before 2010.
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The Guardian (UK)

Attempt to evacuate [GardaWorld] Afghans who guarded British embassy fails. Last-ditch effort halted by explosions at airport, leaving former employees and families fearing for their future. By Amelia Gentleman, August 26, 2021: TEXT | PICTURE | VIDEO

UK government makes U-turn on Afghan embassy [GardaWorld] guards. All of the 125-member security team will now be given the right to enter the UK. By Amelia Gentleman and Ben Quinn, The Guardian, August 20, 2021: TEXT | PICTURE

G4S agrees to £3.8bn takeover by US rival Allied Universal. Security firm with raft of UK government contracts accepts improved 245p a share offer. By Joanna Partridge, December 8, 2020: TEXT | PICTURE

G4S rejects £3bn takeover bid from Canadian rival. UK G4S has rejected a takeover approach worth £3bn from its smaller Canadian rival GardaWorld. By Julia Kollewe, The Guardian, September 14, 2020: TEXT | PICTURE

Cambridge Analytica parent company SCL Group Ltd had access to secret MoD information.UK Defence ministry praised SCL for training it gave to psychological warfare group, papers show. By Dan Sabbagh, The Guardin, March 29, 2018: TEXT | PICTURE

Cambridge Analytica Files, The Guardian, March 2018 to date: MULTIMEDIA

£100m military contract lined up for company mired in racism allegations. Sodexo, a multinational company that operates privatised prisons, NHS pathology services and school kitchens, is the frontrunner to win a contract to run six military bases in the Mediterranean. By Randeep Ramesh, June 18, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance. Secret wires that allow government agencies to listen to all conversations on its networks, which is widely used in some of the 29 countries in which Vodafone operates in Europe and beyond. By Juliette Garside, June 6, 2014: TEXT | TABLE

G4S security guards violently remove protesters from G4S's annual general meeting. Investors express shock at manner guards evicted protesting shareholders who accuse firm of human rights violations. By Rupert Neate, The Guardian, June 5, 2014: TEXT | VIDEO

MH370: how Inmarsat homed in on missing Malaysia Airlines' flight. The company's system of satellites provide voice contact with air traffic control when planes are out of range of radar, which only covers about 10% of the Earth's surface, and beyond the reach of standard radio over oceans. By Charles Arthur, March 25, 2014: TEXT | MAP

Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security. $250m-a-year US program works covertly with tech companies to insert weaknesses into products. By James Ball, Julian Borger and Glenn Greenwald, September 6, 2013: TEXT | GRAPHS

FBI's demands for private data struck down by federal court. Judge says national security letters – which allow government to obtain data without citizens' consent – breach first amendment. By Ed Pilkington, March 15, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

UK Private security companies to be self-regulated. Ministers want security companies to regulate their own staff and the industry's watchdog to move into the private sector. By Alan Travis, Tuesday 20 November 20, 2012: TEXT | PICTURE

G4S: a brief history of the Olympic security contractor. A timeline of key events in the life of the private security firm which has failed to provide enough guards for London 2012. By Samuel Dixon, July 17, 2012: TEXT | PICTURE

G4S faces down investors and protesters at annual meeting. Activists attack security firm's conduct outside AGM venue while shareholders remonstrate over abortive bid for rival ISS. By Julia Kollewe, June 7, 2012: click here

Guantánamo Bay contractor KBR on shortlist to run UK police services: US firm KBR, which helped build detention camp, among consortiums bidding to run police services in West Midlands and Surrey. By Alan Travis and Matthew Taylor, May 3, 2012: click here

Briton Danny Fitzsimons jailed in Iraq for contractors' murders. A former British soldier who claims to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder has been jailed for 20 years in Iraq for the murder of two fellow security contractors during a whisky-fuelled argument, becoming the first westerner convicted in the country since the 2003 invasion. By Caroline Davies, February 28, 2011: click here

Somalia cancels troop-training project. Deputy Security Minister Ibrahim Mohamed Yarow told The Associated Press that the Cabinet, meeting behind closed doors, ended the agreement with Saracen International in a decision he said is "irrevocable." By Associated Press, January 27, 2011: click here

Two killed after militants take western contractors hostage in Algeria raid. Two Islamist groups claim responsibility for attack as Norwegian, Japanese and Irish embassies confirm citizens' capture. By Julian Borger, January 16, 2013: TEXT | PHOTO

Afghanistan arrests British contractors with guns. Two British private security contractors and two Afghan colleagues were arrested and ordered their company GardaWorld to close down operations in Afghanistan after finding a cache of weapons in their vehicle. By AP/Kay Johnson, January 5, 2012: click here


H (Israel) [Beware, ehe website is overloaded with ads]

Israel's military censor to monitor Facebook, Twitter, blogs. By Sefi Krupsky , May 2, 2012: click here


Herald Tribune

Question lingers in wake of Libya. The new Libyan government expressly banned Blackwater-style armed contractors from flooding into the country. By James Risen (The New York Times), October 13, 2012: TEXT



The Independent (UK)

Mossad: the service that's really secret. Israel's spy agency used to publicise its operations but is silent after being linked to a string of killings. By Alistair Dawber, February 14, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

British Police press on with plans to give G4S essential role despite Olympic shambles. Up to 1,000 back-office jobs in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire counties could still be outsourced to giant security firm. By Richard Hall, August 24, 2012: click here


The Independent Online (IOL - South Africa) [Very good network that we have somehow neglected even if we often read their reports]

Somalia: SA-linked military firm loses anti-piracy contract. Sterling Corporate Services, aka Saracen International, has lost its anti-piracy contract in the midst of strenuous criticism by the UN’s Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) of SCS’s handling of its United Arab Emirates-funded contract to train a paramilitary Puntland Maritime Police Force of about 1000 to tackle piracy on the Horn of Africa. By Ivor Powell, September 29 2012: TEXT

South Africa man’s death highlights clash with Somali trainees. Former Parachute Battalion sergeant major Lodewyk (Loots) Pietersen was killed on April 27, in the midst of an operation in the semi-autonomous zone of Puntland, on the Horn of Africa. By Ivor Powell, May 27, 2012: TEXT


Intelligencer (U.S.)

The U.S. Is Leaving Afghanistan? Tell That to the Contractors. American firms capitalize on the withdrawal, moving in with hundreds of new jobs. By Lynzy Billing, May 12, 2021: TEXT | PHOTO



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