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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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So much has been written about Blackwater (or the Blackwater family of companies to be more precise) that you could have a whole website devoted to cover all that has been published about the now defunct company over the last decade. Over the years, we have incorporated in our news section many items focusing on BW. Many people have also contacted us asking questions about BW and for this reason we created this section, which remain under construction. Some of the material listed here is of a historical nature and the original links might no longer work. Yet, with the information given you might be able to retrieve those items via archival searches. Please bookmark the page as it will be expanding over the next few weeks.
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Directory created April 11, 2015 | Status: under construction | We are in the process of transfering all our Blackwater news items to this directory.


Former Blackwater Guard Sentenced To Life In Prison For Baghdad Shooting. A former Blackwater security guard was sentenced to life in prison and three others got 30-year terms on Monday in the massacre of 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians at a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007. By Reuters, Huffington Post, April 13, 2015: TEXT | PICTURES | VIDEO



‘Civilian Warriors: Blackwater and the War on Terror' by Erik Prince. The book, co-authored with David Coburn, presents a credible defense of Blackwater and Prince's role in building it. But it does not answer the important questions surrounding the company's performance in Iraq and Afghanista. By Phillip Carter, December 27, 2013: TEXT

Erik Prince''s book Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror is listed in our MEMOIRS page

New charges brought against former Blackwater guards in Baghdad shooting. “Today's indictment charges four Blackwater guards with killing or wounding 32 defenseless Iraqi a Baghdad traffic circle in September 2007.” By Sari Horwitz, October 18, 2013: TEXT



Company Once Known as Blackwater Ditches Xe for Yet Another New Name -Academi. By Nathan Hodge, The Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2011: click here



Blackwater fined $42m for breaking US export laws. BBC News, August 24, 2010 : click here

CIA defends Blackwater contract worth $100m. BBC News, June 27, 2010: click here

Two former Blackwater guards charged with Afghan murder. BBC News, Jan 7, 2010:

Same Blackwater, Different Names. Xe also operates under the names Paravant and XPG. ...Other Prince-owned companies that have received government contracts include Greystone, Raven, Constellation, US Training Center, GSD Manufacturing, and Presidential Airlines. The companies are among a total of 20 different limited liability corporations owned by Prince and registered to the same address as Blackwater-Xe. By Matthew Cole, ABC news, February 1, 2010: click here

Mercenaires d’Etat en Afghanistan. Le ministère américain de la justice a décidé de faire appel de la décision d’un tribunal de relaxer cinq employés de la société militaire privée (SMP) Blackwater qui avaient fait feu sur la foule à Bagdad en septembre 2007. Par Marie-Dominique Charlier, Le Monde Diplomatique, février 2010: TEXT

Blackwater Still Making Ripples. Blackwater may have changed its name in an attempt at a P.R. makeover—the company is now cryptically called Xe—but that has not quite helped it stay under the radar, as founder Erik Prince surely hoped it would. Quite the contrary. By Christopher Bateman, Vanity Fair, January 7, 2010: click here



Blackwater rehired to protect US officials in Iraq. By James Risen, Boston Globe, May 10, 2008: click here

Two faces of Blackwater. By Bernd Debusmann, Reuters, April 10, 2008:



Blackwater Quits Security the International Peace Operations Association. By August Cole, The Wall Street Journal, October 11, 2007: click here



Soldiers of Good Fortune. At a camp in North Carolina, a private firm called Blackwater USA is training the U.S. Navy to fight terrorists, taking the place of military officers who used to fill such roles. By Barry Yeoman, Mother Jones, May/June 2003 Issue:



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